(a) The ……….. was not so bad at teaching. Answer: Lesson. Answer: (iii) Why were the kids given the same homework in the old school? Read the following extracts carefully and answer the questions. They had large black screens on which all the lessons were shown and questions were asked. Engage live or asynchronously with quiz and poll questions that participants complete at their own pace. (ii) The pages of the real book were yellow and crinkly. (v) What trouble had been there once with Tommy’s teacher? The screen was lit up, and it said: ‘Today’s arithmetic lesson is on the addition of proper fractions. Solved Long Question and Answer for “The Fun They Had” 11. Question 2. Why? (iv) That day, there was an arithmetic lesson in which she learnt the addition of proper fractions. 15. Question 6. geography, (b) The teachers at Margie’s school were …………….. Name the writer of the lesson ‘The Fun They Had’. the teacher was not taken away. Short Answer Type Questions (30-40 words & 3 marks each) Question 1. Question 5. ‘old’, Question 2. Answer: The work was very difficult. All the kids from the whole neighbourhood came, laughing and shouting in the schoolyard, sitting together in the schoolroom, going home together at the end of the day. The Fun They Had by Isaac Asimov . or room at the top of a building.’ According to you, what makes a school a lovely place? It was slowed down up to an average ten-year level. schools of olden times, (b) Margie has actually travelled into the future. (True/False) They learned the same things, so they could help one another with the homework and talk about it. Answers : (i) On the page headed 17 May 2157, Margie wrote, ‘Today Tommy found a real book!’. 1. (iii) Which schools were Tommy talking about? (i) ‘The Inspector smiled after he was finished’. (i)Margie’s mechanical teacher was waiting for her in the schoolroom. Latest Blogs Ask Questions. In the classroom, I can enjoy fun with classmates. Moreover, today’s school is a lovely place because here method of teaching is joyful and stress-free. They had once taken Tommy’s teacher away for nearly a month because the history sector had blanked out completely. For the Summary, QA and explanation of Class 9 English Beehive book Chapter 1 - The Fun They Had, click here. The teachers didn’t live in the house. The schools in the story are located in the house itself. a) Whom does 'she' refer to? Show answers . They had a slot in which students had to put their homework and test papers. The part Margie hated most was the slot where she had to put homework and test papers. He should change his speed and method according to the need of the child. It cannot be thrown and can be used whenever required. Question 4. “Sure they had a teacher, but it wasn’t a regular teacher. He had reassembled the mechanical teacher all right. Indeed, it became a boring place to her due to lack of activities. How was the book that Tommy found different from his own books? geography sector, (c) Sometimes the mechanical teachers are not geared too quick. It was a peculiar object for them because they had different books. the olden times, (d) Find the synonym of ‘customary’ from the extract. Margie always hated school, but now she hated it more than ever. (i)Who was waiting for Margie in her schoolroom? (ii) Why did the man have a box of tools? It flashed at the right time daily except on Saturday and Sunday. (a) Regular teacher in the above lines refers to the (True/False) Answer these questions in a few words or a couple of sentences each. (iv) Margie thought that the words were supposed to move on a screen. Do you think the futuristic schools will be a reality? It was right next to her bedroom, and the mechanical teacher was on and waiting for her. Answer: So, her mother was not happy with her performance in geography. They turned the pages, which were yellow and crinkly, and it was awfully funny to read words that stood still instead of moving the way they were supposed to on a screen, you know. man with a red face and a whole box of tools with dials and wires. (d) Bholi’s father sent his sons to the city to study in schools and later in colleges. The Question and Answer section for The Fun They Had is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. (iii) What was the mechanical teacher famous for? In which respect is your school system different from that of Margie? They have moving books on their television screen.

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