Those instances humanize Lisa; she’s not just a prodigy who quotes Pablo Neruda—she’s a child, beholden to the rules of childhood, at least occasionally. Lisa Simpson begins to feel threatened by Allison because she is smarter, younger, and a better saxophone player. Marge is often the Simpson children's loudest cheerleader whenever they embark on a mission to … ShortList is now ad free and supported by you, the users. Avis Rent-a-car The sugar story is the outrageous yang to Lisa’s relatable yin, and both are hilarious. Frinkiac has nearly 3 million Simpsons screencaps so get to searching for crying out glayvin! They have also lived in West Bloomfield, MI and Tenafly, NJ. As we pass the 20th anniversary of the episode which fans claim sparked The Simpsons’ decline (yes, we’re looking at you, Armin Tamzarian), we’ve been given a new insight into the show’s fall from grace. “Lisa’s Rival” may be the first episode that made him a straight-up imbecile, but it has a lot of great Ralph quotes: “What’s a diorama?” “My cat’s breath smells like cat food.” “I bent my wookiee!” The crew notes on the commentary track that’s the most quoted Ralph line of all time. I miss the slightly more cognizant Ralph. Thankfully, redditor OrangeDit has done the legwork for us, compiling a breakdown of IMDb ratings for every single episode of the show’s first 25 seasons. The last hurrah: ‘Moe Baby Blues’ (S14E22). I Love Lisa? Lisa has always served as the audience surrogate in The Simpsons: a normal, reasonable voice in an increasingly insane situation—almost to a fault. “I was a bit worried about her,” she says. When Lisa realizes this, she points out the judges's bias towards brunettes. ... VMW) top brass Pat Gelsinger as its CEO.In a sympathy move, shares of rival … Lisa Frias is a performer born in Lynn, Massachusetts. Lisa also answers to Friscia Lisa Perez, Lisa A Perez Friscia, Lisa A Perezfriscia, Lisa P Friscia and Lisa A Friscia, and perhaps a couple of other names. Writer Mike Scully, penning his first of many Simpsons episodes, twists that bit a slightly too, by making Bart’s original scheme hilariously non-diabolical: He suggests hosing Allison down, leaving him and Lisa “relatively dry.” (“Well, there’s bound to be some splash-back.”), That’s one of the many great lines in “Lisa’s Rival.” I’ve found that, over the years, I still remember specific jokes perfectly—if endlessly quoting The Simpsons were a sport, I’d be the equivalent of an Ironman champion—but forget which specific episodes housed them. She acts as a mother figure and protector to the twins Ai and Yu Hayakawa, and a character foil to Kaze's reckless persona. Another excellent part of the episode comes from the character of Lisa’s rival, Allison (voiced by Winona Ryder). Simpsons fans! 1F12: Lisa Vs. Malibu Stacy 1F13: Deep Space Homer 1F14: Homer Loves Flanders 1F15: Bart Gets An Elephant 1F16: Burns' Heir 1F18: Sweet Seymour Skinner Badass Song 1F19: The Boy Who Knew Too Much 1F20: Secrets Of A Successful Marriage 1F21: Lady Bouvier's Lover: 1F17: Lisa's Rival 1F22: Bart Of Darkness 2F01: Itchy & Scratchy Land 30 best Movies On NOW TV: great films to stream today, Best crime dramas on Netflix right now: get you crime fix. I have a ball. This wouldn’t be most people’s pick for the greatest episode ever, but it did arrive when the show was at the peak of its powers, and has a 9.2 rating on IMDb. Some of the sweetest moments on the show have been when Lisa’s done just that, like at the end of “Lisa The Skeptic” in season nine, as she and Marge share a moment after the faux apocalypse. With the story of Lisa feeling jealous of a girl at school, “Lisa’s Rival” brings the scope back down to those supposedly more grounded early episodes—then goes completely bonkers with its B-story. It sees a newly-coiffured Homer – with the aid of hair-restoring chemical Dimoxinil – rise through the ranks at the power plant, and features a star turn from Harvey Fierstein as his secretary, Karl. Kehrer joked that the site may be more of a “Shelbyville idea” when he tweeted out the news, alluding to Springfield’s famous rival town. Lisa was born and raised in Washington, Mo. 10 of the 22 episodes in the season scored lower than 7/10, while most of the others only just crept above that mark. If Season 10 was the start of the decline, things began tailing off very quickly during the following season. "Lisa's Rival" is the second episode of The Simpsons' sixth season. 1 Story 1.1 Final Fantasy: Unlimited 1.2 Final Fantasy: Unlimited After 2 Kigen Arts 3 Creation … Lisa and Homer are watching a Creator/StevenWright [[RecordedAndStandUpComedy Stand-Up Comedy]] routine where Wright says "I finally got around to reading the dictionary. “Lisa’s Rival” offers a bounty of classic Simpsons jokes, from the all-time great Ralph line “I bent my wookiee” to Lisa’s failed “Jeremy’s Iron” anagram, to Lisa’s “Why would they come just to boo us?”. Streetcar? Meyer is a legendary Simpsons figure, one of the original writers of the show and one of the primary architects of its voice. Mr. Taylor: Hi, Lisa, I'm Alison's father, Professor Taylor. "Lisa's Rival" and "Smart and Smarter" are examples of this. * DudeMagnet: Despite being a social outcast and generally unpopular, multiple boys have had a crush on her, including Milhouse, Ralph, Nelson, and many OneShotCharacter love interests. © Copyright 2021 ShortList Media Ltd. All rights reserved. Lisa Frank is ready to add an abundance of rainbows and stickers into our lives on a monthly basis once again. Three episodes dipped below 7/10 and only one (Maude Flanders’ death in ‘Alone Again, Natura-Diddly’) scored higher than 7.5. Entertain the kids (and yourself) with these brilliant Roald Dahl books. A LISA: The Painful RPG mod by MrGofer that strives for a lot of quality of life improvements, as well as adding some extra stuff. We’ve always been able to feel the show getting worse, but sometimes it has been hard to quantify just when the once-great sitcom descended into mediocrity. Lisa Pacifist is one of the main characters in Final Fantasy: Unlimited. Join Facebook to connect with Lisa Friedkin and others you may know. You know what? Few shows since have pulled off the balance so well (maybe just The Office? Lisa Simpson begins to feel threatened by Allison because she is smarter, younger, and a better saxophone player. The episode's subplot sees … It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on September 11, 1994. Not only did Meyer have the idea, but he came up with many of the jokes—including Homer’s diatribe about ruffling the feathers of blue bloods—off the top of his head. Lisa Frick Artwork - 3.8k Followers, 206 Following, 576 pins | I can also be found at,, The best Star Wars characters in the galaxy - and without a Jar Jar Binks in sight….

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