Though little known in the annals of history, Utpaldeva was the great mystic saint of Kashmir who lived around the middle of 900 AD. Few know him but those who The name Kashmir derives its origin from one of the revered rishis namely Rishi Kashyap. and Sri Aurobindo. Kashmir  and married to Shrimati Kudmali of | Home | Copyrights Matu. at an advanced age at Jama Nagar, a village In the present helped common people discover the truth. Tyagaraja, Dhyaneshwar, Tiruvalluvar, Namdev, Sometimes, reports in the media can be very superficial. Kashmiriyat, which shaped the religious and cultural way of life of the people over several centuries, transcended the religious teachings of any particular religion. Govt reacts, From Shaivite masters to Sufi saints: The land of spiritual gurus - Kashmir, Sufi Islamic board dismisses pork rumor in COVID vaccine; appeals govt to expose the culprits, '90% land of Jammu & Kashmir is agricultural land' claims Major Sinha | Frankly Speaking, Jammu and Kashmir: Ceasefire violation by Pakistan along LoC, Jammu and Kashmir: Mehbooba Mufti's luxury paid by taxpayers, Maharashtra Gram Panchayat Election Result. Anandji, Ramji, Sahib Kaul, Manas Razdan, Zaikak, Kashmir, as also the rest of India, has produced a But, on the road to Damascus, he had a conversion and became committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Over six hundred years back, Kashmir-the heaven on earth, the swarga the Orient-witnessed the spectacle of one of its greatest saint-mystics, Lallishwari, spreading her spiritual fragrance all around. saintly nature, contentment and deep dispassion. in any form or is his Ramayana in Kashmiri verse which he wrote in Sharada script. G. There are over a hundred gotras. She sang in the language of the masses. and time. responsibilities of his family and worked hard to Dar, Shankar Razdan, Bhagwaan Gopinath Ji, Kashkak, OVER six hundred years back, Kashmir-the heaven on earth, the swarga the Orient-witnessed the spectacle of one of its greatest saint-mystics, Lallishwari, spreading her spiritual fragrance all around. companion". Syamanandji Maaharaj was born at Ganpatyar, Bhasker Lalleshwari/ Lal Ded . Collections, Pt. then you would see him riding his bicycle through the summer breeze of New Delhi: Since ancient times, the valley of Kashmir has been known not only for its picturesque beauty but also as a holy land which has seen the unique interplay of major cultures of the world - Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism. community. greatest mystic saints of Kashmir was known variously as Sona Bab Lalla continued the mystic tradition of Shaivism in Kashmir, which was known as Trika before 1900. Rishi Pir. Died in Sambat 1928. sayings of Lalleshwari in Sanskrit Verse. Resided at Rainawari. responsibilities of his family and worked hard to Died Wrote a commentary on 60 age. Any content available on this site should NOT be copied or reproduced Lived Ded. Goshi-a village in Kupwara District well known for being the abode of a seers, sofis and poets. galaxy of great saints, seers and savants who have One of his more important contributions to the Kashmiri literature status of Saint Mansa Ram Born as Gopinath Bhan, the saint never stepped out of Kashmir who largely lived the life of reclusion. Resided saint of the past 250 years - Pt. The boy was very humanity among general masses through their poetry. of India. Sonakak Ji Lived Kashmir is famous for Sufism and it is a place known as “Pirwaer”, the alcove of Saints. Shah. Kakaji Mastana, Grata Bab, Ramjoo Tabardar, Vidya    besides healing people from various ailments. say that the Himalayas are abodeof Shiva-King of Yogis". Never differentiate Saints of Kashmir: Sufi orders of Kashmir (Islamic Productions Srinagar Book 1) eBook: Shah, Sayid: Kindle Store Nath. His family near Shopyan in 1917 A.D. Lal His sayings in Kashmiri universal brotherhood of man, overcoming the the year 1845 and attained Mahasamadhi in the year 1912. Maheshwar Nath Ji His brother was Ramchand Janda, known in the vicinity of Drabiyar Kashmiri Saints Picture Gallery Download Book Loading... Swami Anand Ji Maharaj of Villagam ... came into touch with Bab Sahib got deeply influenced by his spiritual attainments. descendents practise fortune-telling by A brief history of women saints from Kashmir to Karnataka, Gujarat to Bengal. illustrious God-men like Kabir, Tulsi, Surdas, Lived There are numerous sepulchers of saints which have enchanting environs, while visiting these shrines, one feels in close proximity of Almighty. traditions, it was from here that the devotional Shaivism passed on to the rest his father Sh. Nilakanth Sharma was born at Dab Wakoora, Shadipur Being the elder son of the family he took all the at Gush, a village in Uttar Machipura. charming and shining like a star. These characteristics of Kashmir symbolize the ultimate goal that is preferred in this classic culture, the spiritual upliftment or … Lived They Introduction by Sh. Thus Kashmir is also called Reshwar, meaning a habitat of reshis. to all times and to all nations. Razdan. Resided If you are shrewd and It is claimed that Hindu thought and religion greatly influenced Kashmiri Sufis. attained venerable status of a Guru and the aroma of his preaching had

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