Example Sentence. Ex: The objective is to summarize the contribution made by the original's author, but to exclude any peripheral material . summarize | summarise [British] to express the most important facts or ideas about something or someone in a short and clear form (18 of 43 words, 1 usage example, pronunciations) dictionary .cambridge .org /dictionary /british /summarize country club. sulphate, Learn more. The abstract summarizes the main ideas in the paper ... Oxford Picture Dictionary; Word Power Made Easy ; McGraw-Hill Education Essential ESL Dictionary ; Picture: Unsplash.com There were too many words which shaped the English language this year and Oxford English Dictionary could not pick the word of 2020. The Oxford English Dictionary states that this word is "probably the same word as story [in its meaning of "narrative"] though the development of sense is obscure." The Concise Oxford Dictionary offers both spellings, with no annotation to denote differences on either side of the Atlantic. Oxford English Dictionary (1884-) Our greatest dictionary (I would say that) was planned as a comprehensive index of English, containing every word … Our latest update: over 500 new words, sub-entries, and revisions have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary in our latest update, including clockwork orange, follically challenged, and adulting. Author Primrose Kitten, Author Adam Robbins, Author Mike Wooster, Author Alyssa Fox-Charles, and Author Josh Thomas. Suitable for: Students studying for AQA A Level Chemistry (usually aged 16-19 years) Price: £20.00 ISBN: 978-1382008570 Publication date: 08/10/2020 Pack: Summarize Summarise COCA 1135 10 BNC 199 264 Summarise is more common in British English, where summarize can also be found frequently. Automatically generated examples: "Don't have time to read 448 pages?We challenged the BBC's Jane O'Brien to summarise it for you. summarise - Dictionary definition and meaning for word summarise. Italian Translation for to summarise - dict.cc English-Italian Dictionary Thanks for watching this lesson from Oxford Online English! Verb 1. give a summary (of); "he summed up his results"; "I will now summarize" (synonym) sum up, summarise, resume (hypernym) repeat, reiterate, ingeminate, iterate, restate, retell (hyponym) abstract (verb-group) summarise, sum, sum up (derivation) summarization, summarisation 2. be a summary of; "The abstract summarizes the main ideas in the paper" Link, Gadget and Share summarize. Totally recommend it. Completion of the courses is certified by Oxford University Department for Continuing Education. Oxford English Dictionary. English Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7 (v.) = resumir . Oxford Royale Academy is a part of Oxford Programs Limited, a company registered in England as company number 6045196, registered office at 14 King Street, Bristol BS1 4EF. Từ điển Oxford Learners Wordfinder Dictionary. summarise. Utilisez le dictionnaire Anglais-Français de Reverso pour traduire summarise et beaucoup d’autres mots. 3 steps to A Level success. Observation definition: Observation is the action or process of carefully watching someone or something. Definition (verb) be a summary of Synonyms: sum, sum up, summarize. am. ˈsəməˌraɪz, ingl. If you have unlimited time, unlimited patience and access to a dictionary, then you can check the meaning of every word. WordSense.eu Dictionary: summarise - meaning, definition, origin, anagrams. Oxford Dictionary: summarize | summarise | summarization [derived] | summarizer [derived] give a brief statement of the main points of (something) (10 of 63 words, 2 usage examples, pronunciations) Italian Translation for summarised - dict.cc English-Italian Dictionary A story in which another story is enclosed or embedded as a ‘tale within the tale’, or which contains several such tales. As a historical dictionary, the Oxford English Dictionary features entries in which the earliest ascertainable recorded sense of a word, whether current or obsolete, is presented first, and each additional sense is presented in historical order according … One of the first uses of the (now British) spelling "storey" was by Harriet Beecher Stowe in 1852 (Uncle Tom's Cabin xxxii). ˈsʌmərʌɪz] V. trans. BBC News, 19 April 2019 However, this strategy is not possible in most cases. summarise en el Oxford Spanish Dictionary Traducciones de summarise en el diccionario inglés » español (Ir a español » inglés ) I. summarize [ ingl. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Compiled at the New Zealand Dictionary Centre in Wellington, it reflects research into New Zealand words and their use, including new words, and new uses of older words that have evolved in New Zealand. This dictionary is the first large-scale English dictionary especially prepared for New Zealand users. Summarize is more common in American English, where summarise is rarely used. that some words (such as 'advertise', chastise' and 'televise') should only have the '-ise' ending on either side of the Atlantic. December 2020 update. present in a condensed form, list the main points in a brief and comprehensive manner, sum up; be a summary of (also summarise) Dictionary source: Babylon English-English More: English to English translation of summarizes Covid-19, BLM, anthropause — Oxford Dictionaries is right that there could be no single word of the year Barbara Speed 11/23/2020 This man is a waiter at a Md. Result from Foreign Dictionaries (2 entries found) From The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 [gcide]: Summarize \Sum"ma*rize\, v. t. The Longman Guide to English Usages recognises (recognizes?) Offering easy navigation with clear translations, language support, and color alphabet tabs on every page, each dictionary is easily accessible for all secondary school students, providing a refreshing and engaging reference tool. English Video Lessons, IELTS Preparation Lessons. Oxford Teachers’ Academy are online, self-study professional development courses for English language teachers, developed by Oxford University Press. verb: 1. give a summary (of) - he summed up his results - I will now summarize • Syn: sum up, summarize, resume • Derivationally related forms: resume (for: resume), summarisation, summary, summarization … So much more than just a one word look up! Get your annual subscription for just £90/$90! OXFORD DICTIONARY THESAURUS ROGET THESAURUS. "Summarize" is the first single released from Australian indie rock band Little Birdy's third studio album, Confetti.It was released on 10 April 2009 and the single made it to number 54 on the ARIA charts. Practical examples. Life saver with plenty of exam questions and materials inside. This chapter describes the penal-welfare structure, formed by combining the liberal legalism of due process and proportionate punishment with a correctionalist commitment to rehabilitation, welfare, and criminological expertise. The Oxford Learner's Dictionaries give advice, context, and tips to help students master the written and spoken language. These really are a step-change in revision guide design - Science teacher on the Oxford Revise: AQA GCSE Sciences, Twitter; Managed to jump up 4 grades from this book. summary definition: 1. a short, clear description that gives the main facts or ideas about something: 2. done…. brit. In this lesson, you can learn how to read and summarise a text.Summarising a text is a vital skill for your English reading.

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