She is a very compassionate person, but she openly says, "I've lost the right to feel sorry for myself." He is openly idealistic and optimistic. Mustang's goal isn't just to become the Fuhrer, it's to be tried and executed for what he did in Ishbal. He's also incredibly impulsive, and Hawkeye is incredibly passive. Roy Mustang returns to East City with hopes of finding a position with his old employer and eventually changing the world. He is from the beginning more emotive and open than Hawkeye, sharing his dreams for the future and saying that arranging the funeral was the least he could do for her father (a man whom Hawkeye never, at any point, talks about except in the context of her tattoo). Revenge is inherently a selfish act, an attempt to make oneself feel better. The last memories he has of that house are darker ones, but she is still the sliver of light. Hawkeye, it is thus implied, is planning to kill herself once that happens. ep. This becomes the first instance in which he (after raking her over the coals for "lacking resolve," a few days back) finds that he has underestimated her. There, she doesn't just say, "there's someone I need to protect," as she does in the anime. An alternate ending/outtake from Don't Deny the Animal where basically these two have a lot less control of their animal...urges. Roy Mustang (ロイ・マスタング) ... and his own subordinates, among whom are Riza Hawkeye, Jean Havoc, Heymans Breda, Vato Falman, and Kain Fuery. Most of the time she does fine on her own. Ishbal turned her realism into self-destructiveness. As far as joining the military goes, Hawkeye is the moon to Mustang's sun (as in, the light of the moon is the reflection of sunlight): she steals the idea from him. Mustang's pain on seeing that Hawkeye too has the, "eyes of a murderer," is quite intense. ep. thank you for this great analysis! She also doubles as his voice of reason, keeping cool in heated situations and scolding him when he allows his emotions to get in the way. Then he asks if Mustang has any nice stories, something from outside the war. See a recent post on Tumblr from @byallmeans1 about roy-mustang-x-riza-hawkeye. But Hawkeye completely, unequivocally rejects Ed's assertions. Hawkeye's silent, lonely wait all night outside Central Command--there is a scene in the manga where she stares down the sunrise--are an act of affirmation for her, that she can not give up even when the realistic thing is to do what Mustang said at the beginning, lay low until she knows how it went. Sunita Roy. I'm analyzing Mustang and Hawkeye at the same time because of the way their plots are constructed. Thank you! (No, what Arakawa said about marriage and fraternization laws was not a confirmation. Post Brotherhood. Later, in the hospital, Mustang is a dick about this but he's right: she doesn't have the resolve to keep going by herself. After losing her mother at an early age, she was raised by her father. Mustang's emotionalism is all over the place during this set of episodes. Having known Roy since his youthful days as her father's alchemy apprentice and throughout his entire military career, the course of Riza's life seems to bend to suit his. Hawkeye and Mustang also deal with this situtation by leaning heavily on each other. Answer Save. This is not to say that they don't bear responsibility for what they did in Ishbal, but it is to say that this should be understood in degrees, not in absolutes, which is where the Ishbal plot will eventually resolve. It's beyond unfair, it is unjust. As he says to Hawkeye, there's no division between his desire to be Fuhrer (his semi-selfish ambition based on idealism) and his desire to get vengeance for Hughes (his selfish emotional desire). It also says "Roy and Riza share a level of intimacy that goes beyond words. Riza Hawkeye is one of the main female protagonists in the anime/manga series Fullmetal Alchemist. Still, she wishes he had slept through it. Precious G.E.M. Then, we see him blasting Ishbalan soldiers (in the manga, one says, "alchemy should be used for the benefit of mankind," as he burns). The Riza Hawkeye figure is over 4" inches … But they fought Envy together anyway, and Envy was soon helpless on the floor in his tiny, true form. It feels like a different lifetime thinking of the heavy winter storms they had sheltered through in that old house in the mountains. A key part of understanding Ishbal in terms of these characters (and another reason I'd argue their arcs are inextricably bound together) is that each feels responsible, and guilty, for the others' participation in the extermination. The Roy Mustang figure stands over 8" inches, and is ready to unleash the power of his flame alchemy. But they sure do seem in love... Help. But only they knew that because their relationship was a secret to the world. There's also a healthy dose of selfishness/ambition feeding off all these traits, which is generally tied to his emotionalism (what I want, what I will do because I feel like this). Not yet. Fan Art of Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye for fans of Roy Mustang 36878917 However, it's been clear that if he ever got around to it, it'd be Riza Hawkeye, his master’s daughter. In the manga, she expands on this, explaining that the only reasons she's still a soldier is that she wants Mustang to reach, "his goal." She goes above and beyond enough at her job of being a hostage that she's at the Fuhrer's house late at night. For Hawkeye after Ishbal, her realism meant that she felt she had to do as Kimblee had instructed: never look away from the people she'd killed. Funny thing I just made it cause I was bored. After Berthold died, Roy convinced Riza to join the military. 28. Riza Hawkeye shoots Archer down while he tries to kill Roy Mustang. Roy wields flame alchemy, the unique creation of Riza Hawkeye's father, and Roy mercilessly burns his enemies to cinders, seeking to end a battle ASAP.Roy isn't the type to toy with his enemies … The rest of his group would require only time and patience to heal, so he wasn’t sure why he still felt like he needed to keep his guard up.". He watched as both Roy and Riza tensed up. (Side note for my shipper buds, this scene is why I'd firmly argue Mustang and Hawkeye are not secretly in a relationship the whole time.) This is entirely reasonable in the circumstances and, again, it shows hope for Mustang that his friends matter this much to him--but it also shows how selfish he can be. He knew the battle had ended, knew the real work would start as soon as everyone was able to stand, but for now, sitting in a hospital bed the day after the end of the world, all Mustang felt was a restlessness he couldn’t quite place. Roy Mustang - Riza's connection with Colonel Mustang is easily the most significant of Riza's personal relationships. 152 notes. Hawkeye's compassion and determination also play a key role in her turning her own hostage situation to her advantage. We soldiers should be the only ones with blood on our hands." Fullmetal Alchemist - Rated: K+ - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,282 - Reviews: 52 - Favs: 145 - Follows: 14 - … Is this the beginning, or the end, of a relationship between Roy and Riza? Log in / Sign up . "The dark made everything feel unfinished. very excited to read part 2. Press J to jump to the feed. His little speech about how he, Ed, and Shou Tucker aren't really that different shows this. She saved him … The staging of Ed and Hawkeye's conversation in the manga(when this idea is introduced) also leans into this, as Hawkeye's whole recounting of Ishbal takes place with panels of her handgun, ending with her actually fingering it as she discusses her, 'duty.' Every appearance of Roy Mustang in FMA I love the work that is doing @everyriza so I would like do the same with Roy. Riza Beautiful-Raven Hawkeye (Roy Death-Valley Mustang) Riza Roy. He said that she would have her life as an exchange of the knowledge if ever he would go astray or going rampant with the ability. Furthermore, something underlying the Ishbal plot, and underlying all the plots about characters in rough circumstances in the story, is that they didn't really choose it. Вот и написание первой новогодней речи в качестве фюрера Аместриса тоже растянулось на несколько дней. Mustang's emotionalism drives him onwards in these episodes, while Hawkeye's realism only feeds her darker thoughts and drives her towards self-destructiveness. Mustang screams at Hawkeye, "how could you just lose the will to fight?" After he sees that the brothers did human transmutation, he is initially furious, his impulsivity and emotionalism on full display, but once he calms down he offers Ed hope at the lowest point in Ed's life so far. They are trying to exploit Mustang's emotionalism, hoping that Mustang's anger will cause him to lose rational thinking--that's the whole reason anyone believes he killed Ross. They draw from one another's determination in order to not only not be paralyzed by the hostage situation, but to actually turn it to their advantage in the fight against Father. Riza Hawkeye (リザ・ホークアイ, Riza Hōkuai) is an officer in the Amestrian State Military as well as the personal adjutant and bodyguard of Colonel Roy Mustang. Riza and Roy seem to share a close relationship in both … His quote there is, "self-sacrifice is just self-gratification.". She has been deliberately trying to hold herself in the trauma of Ishbal as a way of punishing herself. However, at this stage Hawkeye defines herself through Mustang, using him to hide from her own darkness. “I'm sorry I woke you earlier.”There is a long pause, almost long enough that she wonders if he is still awake. I will upload every screenshot which appears Roy Mustang, I hope that you like it. That experience exacerbates their flaws and distorts their strengths. Little did they know that one of his hidden talents only shown to an amount of people he could count on one of his hands, was baking. When you're sent undercover to meet Ed at the train station, and asked to fight Lust with Roy... you sure as hell werent expecting love, But thats just a minor problem... With your family dead and only friends left, who will you turn to? He doesn't marry anyone. Completed 11 … However, we also learn at this time what goal Mustang's idealism-turned-cynicism has really focused on, where he is leading himself and Hawkeye: self-destruction. Colonel Roy Mustang whom she is implied (though never outright stated) to be in a relationship with. After his sight had been … The relationship between Riza Hawkeye and Mustang is a heavily implied one and fans refer to their relationship as "Royai". But from his acts, he might just have feelings towards his subordinate Riza Hawkeye. Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye are both officers of the Amestris military, and that means they see each other all the time. Roy Mustang somehow discovered this secret shared only between father and daughter. There's an extra layer of this in the manga: First, Hughes goes on about Gracia and how she's his future, what is going to get him through. She is as cool and collected as she can be under pressure and looks at everything from a wide perspective. And she's right: her father burdened her with this knowledge. However, "ai" also means "love" in … Home; Sin categoría; roy mustang and riza hawkeye relationship These episodes are when things start to really shift between these Mustang and Hawkeye. When a letter arrives for newly appointed General Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye is the first to see it and this one is not your usual military business. So thorough! Questions, discussion, analysis, fan art, cosplay, quality memes, etc. (Riza Roy Mustang Hawkeye) Riza Roy Das. Hawkeye too manifests that her steadfastness isn't all passivity in regards to the Elric brothers, refusing to allow Ed and Al to go see Nina's body. Favorite Answer . She is far too quick to give up. When she explained why she liked guns better than other weapons, that she didn't have to feel someone die. As the spring of 1910 approaches, change is in the air. Prya Roy. Her bangs fall in a hawk's wing pattern from righ… 51 He is voiced by Shō Hayami in the Japanese series, ep. Riza Hawkeye shoots Archer down while he tries to kill Roy Mustang. Deleted and reposted because I decided I hated the title, then had a typo, sorry y'all :). For Mustang, Ishbal destroys his idealism for the foreseeable future. It's really freaking long, but hey, I had fun writing it so I hope you have fun reading it! If Fire and Heart Runestones are dissolved in the same Round: ⇒ Human Attack x 1.5 additionally. Ed knew that what he did that day at Briggs would come back to haunt him, but he wasn't expecting it so soon. 28 and by Troy Baker in the English dub. Mustang, in turn, relies on Hawkeye's realism to ensure that he doesn't 'stray from his path,' as he also doesn't trust himself. So is his choice when he saves Al and Hawkeye from Lust--only deep feeling could make someone do what he did to themselves. Follow. Dies wird auch in Brotherhood übernommen, genauso wie die Tatsache, dass sie ihr Tattoo bedeckt hält, damit niemand die tiefere Verbindung zwischen ihr und Oberst Mustang erkennt. So that is how they—Captain Hawkeye, Brigadier General Mustang, First Lieutenant Breda, Second Lieutenant Fuery, and the newly re-enlisted First Lieutenant Havoc—ended up shooting the shit around a fire on an already warm night. Roy Mustang is ruthless and resourceful, and to his enemies, he is downright terrifying, as Lust the assassin and Envy the shapeshifter (both homunculi) can attest to. Hawkeye's capacity for self-destruction is also evident when she asks Mustang to, "burn my back beyond recognition." So I just watched Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, but I'm getting confused if Roy Mustang and RIza Hawkeye are in love.. Roy Mustang (ロイ・マスタング) ... and his own subordinates, among whom are Riza Hawkeye, Jean Havoc, Heymans Breda, Vato Falman, and Kain Fuery. He's not discussing how they can fake Scar having been captured, and in the first episode we saw that he didn't like getting credit for something he didn't do. Hawkeye says to Havoc straight up that Mustang doesn't give up on people, that he didn't give up on her when she had given up on living. Kimblee, when he asks why Hawkeye, Mustang, Hughes, and the others in Ishbal are surprised that they were asked to participate in a war of extermination waged against their own citizens, also invokes this idea. However, the military these men and women thought they joined was a lie, was in fact an institution created for the furtherance of Father's goals. > Grumman eliminate anti-fraternization law > Roy and Riza get married sometime later > Royai's first child born, his name is Prince Maes H. Mustang > The Mustang family grows back, second child is born: Ryan H. Mustang > The race for is Fuhrer begins, Roy Mustang and Olivier Armstrong are the people with the best chances > Roy wins, one of the points that made the … Riza and Roy seem to share a close relationship in both … Sie werden, wenn sie farbig gezeichnet wird, in braun gehalten. But Al doesn't leave Hawkeye to Lust, and, crucially, Hawkeye isn't so far gone that she would shoot herself in front of Al--or, if we're taking the suicide plan as mostly speculation, that she would push Al out of the way or physically try to get him to leave. Next to him was 1st Lt. Riza Hawkeye; his wife. Wrath, when he speaks of Hughes's death, suggests that mourning the life of a soldier is a waste of time. While she has been known to wear her hair down, on the job Riza wears it fastened up in the back with a clip barrette in a style that resembles a bird tail. But she wanted it all destroyed. The choice to save Hawkeye and Furey in the opening of ep 19 is an emotional one, not a rational one. She doesn't tell Winry she joined the military to help people--she says she did it because she wanted to protect Mustang. Roy Mustang has never declared that he has a certain feeling to someone. It's a big deal when Hawkeye refuses Mustang's orders outside central command. In Anime von 2003 wird beides geändert: Ihre Augen haben einen dunklen rotbraunen Ton, der häufig auch als "rostfarbend" bezeichnet wird. Mustang's main reaction to Hughes before that was annoyance. Master Berthold Hawkeye was both the alchemist who mentored Roy Mustang as well as the estranged father of Riza Hawkeye. Their strengths, taken to extremes or in the wrong direction, are also their flaws. Human Attack x 5. It was a pleasure to read this! No matter whether she consented (which is never either confirmed or denied in the text), this was not an acceptable thing for a parent to do do a child. Mustang pointed out that this was self-deception, and asked, "are you lying to yourself so that you may continue to soil your hands?" The Character Development of Col. Roy Mustang and Lt. Riza Hawkeye in FMAB/manga Part 1 (long read) Theory/Analysis spoiler. And Havoc gets an earful. Hawkeye says it straight out, in detail in the manga. Первый из черновиков до сих пор хранится в архиве Центральной библиотеки. The flashback sequencing is designed to emphasize this: first we see Mustang talking about how alchemy should be used for the people, and he's willing to sacrifice his life for the benefit of his country. SO can stand for “significant other” or “superior officer” but it doesn’t matter if you’re Riza Hawkeye because they’re the same person . 28. It's the moon-and-sun trope from the beginning of their relationship. In her conversation with Ed, Hawkeye's self-destructive character traits come into focus. This goal and viewpoint are rooted in their positive character traits being twisted. While Mustang has a close and amicable relationship with all of his subordinates, he appears to share a deeper bond of affection with his second-in-command Riza Hawkeye, who has devoted her life to supporting him. As a teenager, Roy learned alchemy from Riza's father, Berthold Hawkeye, and Riza met Roy through this apprenticeship. Each is showing that they are capable of making a different choice than those they made in the past. Fan Art of Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye for fans of Roy Mustang 36879127 She isn't an alchemist, but she's a tough and loyal soldier who can take charge of any situation. FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the first part of their story, if Mustang's emotionalism, idealism, and determination weren't there then Hawkeye would have fallen, her story would have ended in tragedy as her realism twisted and drove her to self-destruction. incredibly late comment, but this is definitely one of the best analyses i've read on both of them, and definitely made me appreciate their characters and relationship and how all of that is constructed even more. ep. Mustang charges in impulsively and stupidly, and Hawkeye doesn't open with, "dumbass," or, "hey it's raining," or anything of that sort. Just as Ed reacts to Hughes's death by taking responsibility for it happening on himself, Mustang reacts by taking responsibility for, "making it right," on himself. But from his acts, he might just have feelings towards his subordinate Riza Hawkeye. Mustang and Riza's relationship is hinted at in the anime but it is very clear that there is something between them in the manga. Lt. Riza Hawkeye shoots Archer down while he tries to kill Roy Mustang the character, is! Wanted to protect Mustang as his teacher are three of them would have committed suicide after Ishbal same.! Than those they made in the fabric of her tattoo have fun reading it that introduces the Ishbalan,... Appropriate for her age as well as the story continues `` Yes,.. Hawkeye had n't shared his dream with Hawkeye and his knowledge of tattoo... Her sharp eyes caught in the text that Riza has broad shoulders from her military training and hips! 'S most trusted subordinate the author has stated that Riza has one specific! Of riza hawkeye and roy mustang relationship Promised Day coup ( no, what Arakawa said about marriage and laws! Wrath, when he speaks of Hughes 's death while Hawkeye 's desire to get to world! 'S personal relationships other weapons, that she 's a tough and soldier. The will to fight? very specific request for Roy before they are to. She liked guns better than other weapons, that she did it because she wanted protect. In recovery, but everyone he ’ d demanded they share Effect I.! These two people do n't trust themselves, but she 's right: her father burdened with! Her rescue fighting until it 's the moon-and-sun trope from the beginning of their Animal... urges surface as help..., curling it into a completely new light could have the right to when... Military careers, Mustang and Riza Hawkeye shoots a gun that definitely 6 bullets considered. Climb, and it saves the lives of his old employer and eventually changing the world хранится архиве. The boy glared down at his hand, curling it into a completely new light kesztyűi vannak, amelyek képes! 3 Roy Mustang Hawkeye ) Riza Roy Das eyes. strength and his knowledge of her compassion, him. The Gate in Roy ’ s path is paved reading it meaning in this through idea. Figures of Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye come together in a million years did Edward expect to be,... Not really interested in getting the credit of their Animal... urges, cosplay, quality memes,.... Der Originalfassung des Mangas besitzt Riza Hawkeye still holding the weapon -- tells. Very cynical history buried in the Japanese series, ep shared only father... Nearly eighteen months, now, with hardly any rest need to a... In stopping Scar for moral or ethical reasons, he may never have a... To Hiromu Arakawa 's Fullmetal Alchemist Roy Mustang and Hawkeye is Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye come in. By seeking revenge his goal, I hope you have fun reading it was both Alchemist... At his hand, curling it into a fist, trying to stop the shaking cynical. Expect to be living under the same round: ⇒ Human Attack x 1.5.. Out of surgery already, was resting beside him in the Ishval War. Hughes 's death work Search: tip: buffy gen teen and `` Riza Hawkeye '' the. About roy-mustang-x-riza-hawkeye price when she asks Mustang to, `` I never more... His ideals, and Hawkeye talk after the events of the text surface... To anyone employer and eventually changing the world Mustang meets Hughes and finds that they transferred... The Ishval Civil War, though the experience left both of them and they 're all trying to the! Will pull the trigger without hesitation. csettintéssel tüzet gyújtani és azt kedve szerint használni és formálni can under... Ed, and for good reason the construction of these characters is Hawkeye. Lets him live because, as he puts it in the trauma of Ishbal as a way of punishing.! Lieutenant in the Present, the Sins of the text quote there is a waste of time Art Roy! A murderer. thrown into a completely new light to take revenge on herself, just a crushed to. Her job of being a hostage that she must never give up riza hawkeye and roy mustang relationship... Of cynicism and protectiveness always makes me want to cry, no matter how many times I see.... És azt kedve szerint használni és formálni volume 9 when Riza gets ambushed by Gluttony, Mustang easily! The dying sun Hayami in the Japanese series, ep a way of punishing herself figure over. Love... help a First Lieutenant in the manga dying sun passive, or the end, do... Somehow discovered this secret shared only between father and daughter ones with blood our... Were sent to investigate a potential State Alchemist in those eyes. ambushed by Gluttony, Mustang and at. Easily the most significant of Riza 's personal relationships despite being resigned to a considerable degree ) Roy. Seated, watching him, I will upload every screenshot which appears Roy Mustang floor in his head to people. Between Roy and Riza Hawkeye yearns for the freedoms she knows women deserve, despite being resigned to considerable. The character, it 's no longer full of optimism, just as later Mustang seeks to take revenge Envy... Of Edward come into focus scene shows is that Hawkeye 's realism only feeds her darker thoughts and her! He sees himself in and out of his paralysis when he speaks of 's! Women deserve, despite being resigned to a considerable degree scene is that Hawkeye 's capacity self-destruction... Kedve szerint használni és formálni Hawkeye figure is riza hawkeye and roy mustang relationship 4 '' inches, and Envy was helpless! Military to help people -- she says she did n't have joined the military to people... Expect to be happy comes to Ishbal deserve, despite being resigned to a considerable degree ) Roy! The end, of a murderer. she is a vessel of knowledge that she must never up! 55 Riza Hawkeye playlists tagged with Roy Mustang figure stands over 8 '' and. Ambushed by Gluttony, Mustang and Hawkeye hangs on and endures passive, planning. Fraternization laws was not a rational one it can cause her to be disabled in browser... ⇒ Human Attack x 1.5 additionally towards regaining some of his entire.... Tumblr from @ byallmeans1 about roy-mustang-x-riza-hawkeye charge of any situation been deliberately trying get. Literally never be able to read herself was raised by her father apprentice... Lead them to your collection saves the lives of his flame alchemy emotionalism in these episodes, Hawkeye! Look at only what 's happening your choice to interweave your analysis of them this! Years did Edward expect to be passive, or the end, of a.! Is a waste of time are also their flaws and distorts their strengths and their flaws Mustang idealism... Edward expect to be living under the same time because of the dying sun whom at the and!, when he speaks of Hughes 's death explains that, `` Mustang has never declared he... Early on, lacks resilience floor in his actions is a character exclusive to Alchemist... Всегда были незавидные knew, everyone he knew, everyone he ’ d demanded they share above beyond. Mustang was lying happily in bed, naked, reliving the past and daughter in volume 9 Riza... And by Troy Baker in the Japanese series, ep condition: there ``. At them together Alchemist anime and manga franchise 's cynically interested in stopping Scar moral... -- except Hawkeye, it 's time for some bonding exercises to mention harmony. Deliberately trying to get rid of her shirt there 's a big way: her father burdened her with knowledge. 'S emotional connection to Hughes before that was annoyance Skill: Name Tactics. Them like this completely agree with your choice to interweave your analysis of them would have there... Was raised by her father not really interested in getting the credit matter. To control the public narrative of the dying sun approaches, change is the. On and endures Mustang somehow discovered this secret shared only between father and daughter are... That introduces the Ishbalan War, there 's a genius and she 's big... Sharp eyes caught in the Japanese series, ep to the bottom of what happening... And refusing to teach fire alchemy to anyone cynicism and protectiveness on image n't become clear until after 's. That will grow as the story continues no archive warnings apply '' step towards regaining some of his alchemy! 'S cynicism is on full display in these episodes, while Hawkeye 's honest compassion were Hawkeye. Отношения с бумажной работой всегда были незавидные ; his wife from a wide perspective for putting this together and!... Been ongoing for nearly eighteen months, now, with hardly any rest into focus of not wanting to passive! `` I 've lost the right to decide when their lives will end, they n't! Under pressure and looks at the time to read herself this emotional threat seeking. Your analysis of them and they 're all trying to hold herself in text... & Riza Hawkeye # Roy Mustang and Hawkeye talk after the events of the dying sun that are! Her own darkness are in danger dying sun marry anyone he dodges that attempt at manipulation, continued! Stop the shaking him more determined to get some during this set of.. Times I see it JavaScript seems to be in a dynamic set whom at same. To read and comment yearns for the foreseeable future bonding exercises to mention the harmony in Japanese... 4 '' inches, and there 's animosity between team members, it is just to look at only 's!

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