Music licensing company accepting submissions from artists. Hook Line and Sync – licensing services connecting artists with film and television. Audiosocket – Our music is anything but “stock.” Audiosocket focuses on the quality of the music, not the quantity. Music licensing reimagined. Complete Music Limited – Complete Music has an active A&R policy and is committed to the development of new independent artists and writers. I wanted to let you know that I found a few broken Iinks on the “Biggest List of Music Licensing Companies from A-Z” blog. For a much more comprehensive list … The company’s clients include the world’s most successful broadcasters, record labels, digital music services, wireless carriers, and consumer products companies. has contacts across the globe that look for opportunities for their artists music in TV, advertising, film and games. If you want to make money from your music (who doesn’t? Crucial Music Doesn’t charge a fee for music submissions. And that's because their platform goes way beyond just music licensing. Music Dealers – “Global music solution that pairs up independent artists with clients in the advertising, television, film and gaming industries. These songs are still copyrighted, but you have permission to use them because of your agreement (typically a membership) with a music licensing … They have thousands of top-notch songs in their library. Unified Manufacturing is an L.A. -based one-stop-shop that offers very affordable CD/DVD/USB replication, custom printing, promotional products, warehousing and fulfillment and many more. Abaca Entertainment Group– Represents a catalogue of fine quality recordings from a roster of artists/bands & songwriters from Canada, USA, Australia & U.K., along with various smaller record labels – featuring ALL styles of music. Hello Music employs professional A&R staff to provide “real ears” to connect artists with the right Hello Music partners. The audio wing of Getty Images. SoundReef – Offers an alternative option to Performing Rights Organizations and national Collecting Societies for the European territories. Use our intuitive search engine to find electrifying authentic music for your media productions ready for immediate online licencing. Soundtrax Music Services Inc. – A music supervision and licensing company based in Canada. Mastersource – see also FirstCom. The music platform for film producers, directors, cutters, advertisers and producers of other audio-visual media. There are hacks on how you can earn a good income while you’re still making it in music. This list of top music licensing companies will help independent musicians, composers and producers choose the right licensing company for their music licensing needs. Look at APM Music. Firstcom – Music library, subsidiary of Universal.Founded during the jingle boom of the 1980s’ FirstCom Music quickly evolved from a broadcast services company specializing in commercial image and radio ID packages to one of the world’s best known and largest music publishing and production companies. Stock Music at Foto Search – The best online search engine for royalty free audio tracks, buyout stock music, digital audio, sound clips, and sound effects in MPEG Quicktime format. Crucial Music retains half of any licensing fees it collects. That’s why you have to prove them wrong. Although our core model is sync-licensing, we also connect artists and clients through brand partnerships, event promotions and a unique custom music offering powered by thousands of bands and producers around the world.” Killer Tracks – Universal subsidiary. If you need an Instant Quote on a project and you want FREE SHIPPING, simply CLICK HERE. 100s of advertiser categories, … Ocean Park Music Group – Much of the music represented is “one-stop” for sync & master rights. Design, print media and digital advertising for the hospitality industry. Metisse Music represents in France, and often for the whole of Europe, authors and composers from abroad, mainly American, but also Cuban, Central and South American and from other European countries.In parallel, we are developing our catalogue of French based authors / composerswho are, in all instances, also recording artists. (F… It also pursues exclusive song placements with A-list recording artists. The Sync Agency works specifically with ad agencies. TAXI – A Popular Music Licensing Company; Music Vine; Artlist; Musicbed Licenses Music For Film; Marmoset; Soundstripe Offer Unlimited Licenses Of Music; Epidemic Sound; Jingle Punks; Audio Network Is Another music Licensing Company You Can Get Your Music Placed On; Broadjam; Music Xray; Are There Other Companies That Can Help Me Get My Music … For every type of music, art, literature, character, image, photograph, video you want to use in your projects, we get all the necessary permissions.” [email protected], Biggest List of Music Licensing Companies from A-Z, 15 Ways Struggling Musicians Can Earn More Without Working Like a Cow, 21 Conceptual DVD Packaging Designs That are Hard to Ignore, CUSTOM VINYL PRESSING: Everything you need to know about Jackets, Sleeves, and Inserts, 7 of the Most Creative Vinyl Box Sets of Original Movie and TV Show Soundtracks, 7 ways to personalize your custom t-shirt packaging, Wearable USB Flash Drives For the Forgetful Lads and Gals, Get Sponsorship for Your Next Music Video (Step by Step Guide), 6 Reasons Why People are Buying Vinyl Records Again, Grammy Nominees for Best Record Package 2019. That’s why you need vinyl professional manufacturers like UnifiedMFG to make sure that the vinyl records have good quality. Tuna Music – a UK-based independent music consultancy  company for licensing, research, clearance and composition. Since 2004, we have been working as a copyright consultant for advertising agencies, production companies, musicians, artists. ___________________________________________________________________ Songtradr Pro gives artists and bands 3000 credits that they can use for sync licensing opportunities hosted through their platform. Sourcemusic – Berlin-based music licensing company. Large catalogue of quality music across a wide range of styles. Sugartrax – Music licensing and production music company with exclusive catalogue. If you don’t know someone in this niche — a Music Supervisor, Licensing Agent, or a Secretary at a music licensing company — you’ll have to rely on cold emails. The best-known are American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI), Society of European Stage Authors and Composers (SESAC), and La Asociación de Compositores y Editores de Música Latinoamericana (The Association of Composers and Publishers of Latin American Music, ACEMLA), in the UK, the … The Decibel Collective – “The Decibel Collective (“The dBc”) is a production music catalog unsatisfied with the lack of artistry found in production music libraries.” Companies near to WORLDWIDE MUSIC LICENSING ltd. ROLLPOST LIMITED - 13 STATION ROAD, FINCHLEY, LONDON, N3 2SB GERCHINI LIMITED - 13 STATION ROAD, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, N3 2SB SPORTS CONCEPTS LIMITED - 13 STATION ROAD, LONDON, N3 2SB If you need a specific piece of music made that you can’t find on their site, they can set you up with a composer to create it for you. The Music Bridge –  Offers experienced, personable, fast and affordable music clearance, licensing and supervision services, combined with the most realistic, cost-effective music budget for our client’s needs. Find support to get you through the ups and downs of licensing; Enroll Now $997 $497. APM Music – APM is made up of over 30 libraries. The company offers its writers an even split of royalties on their songs. The next wave of licensing for social media, ads, film, and TV promises to be the most interesting yet. They also offer coaching services and specialize in the entertainment business, copyrights, and publishing. 134 music tracks on 2 CDs; Long-form themes + :60s, :30s, :10s; Available with a Lifetime License back to top: Broadcast Series 100 Production Music Library A "ton" of broadcast :60s and :30s (over 2,000 production music tracks) on 22 jam-packed, user-friendly CDs. Well…almost everybody. They've placed songs in a bunch of TV shows and movies like FX's Atlanta, TBS's Conan, Lethal Weapon, Amazon Echo, and Jimmy Fallon just to name a few. The music spans all genres. The ASCAP Music License is the most efficient and affordable way to ensure your business, venue, event, radio or television station uses ASCAP music legally. It also provides connections to companies where artists can get their music on Internet radio. – audio / video content provider with catalogue of 200,000 recordings. If online licensing is not available for your business, you can download a license or call (888) 689-5264. Link includes contact info for artist / label submissions. This involves monitoring where your music is used and that those who use it have the correct permissions in place. You usually need a licence from PPL PRS to play live or recorded music in public - includes playing background music at your business, and staging live music or theatre productions. This ensures that they are legally allowed to distribute or play your music in terms of what has been agreed. Peermusic – Privately owned music publishing company with offices in 28 countries and 300,000 title catalog. Westwood Entertainment Group – Offers licensing of music and masters to TV, film, cable networks and advertising. It pays your royalties in the quarter following their collection. Twenty years ago, you were pretty stuck when it came to licensing music. Not that we hate DVDs. “One of the world’s greatest song catalogs with hits from top recording artists like Eminem, Elton John, and more. Most music users apply for a license online. BeatPick – “A global music licensing company working for adverts, films, internet videos and games: easy, quick and reliable. Renegade Music Marketing – “For music supervisors, music publishers and music libraries in need of high quality independent music” Deep Emotions – Full-time, full-service music publisher in India. Primary Elements – World-Class Indie Royalty-Free Music Licensing. EMI Music Publishing – 1.3 million song catalogue for film, advertising, TV,merchandising, games, and more. That also serves as your protection from those who want to steal your music. Baby You Can Write My Track– – Filmmakers and creatives launch contests; indie artists and film composers respond by offering exclusive or custom music. Registration is free. Hi quality Royalty Free, Buyout music license, or combine with any annual blanket. But for more precious things such as wedding pictures, a personalized USB flash drive just seems to work better. Working with a … Member of the Production Music Association. The company”s A&R screeners forward your best material to the industry contacts that requested specific types of music or artists. You will need to be competitive. Metisse Music – French music publishing company. Sync licensing is using commercial music in film, adverts, video games and other visual displays. We are passionate about what we do and take the time to get to know exactly what our clients want. Annual blanket licenses are available for local TV, and radio broadcasters, and a number of other selected client types. Although most of its music placements are with firms in Europe, the company also pitches a lot of American music. Killer Tracks provides fast and easy one-stop licensing, on staff music supervisors and account representatives ready to help you find and license the perfect tracks, and convenient music access online, on mobile devices, and on hard drive with comprehensive technical support Licensing. Nightingale Music also has its own library of songs and compositions available for licensing at very competitive rates. Unified Manufacturing is an L.A. -based one-stop-shop that offers very affordable CD/DVD/USB replication, custom printing, promotional products, warehousing and fulfillment and many more. It's very difficult to pitch your … Music licensing for the film, television, advertising, game and app industries. Beatpick – A global music licensing company licensing independent music to all forms of media. UK COMPANIES LIST Find, check and analyze companies data. “We create world-class branded music strategies for Fortune 500 companies that motivate, inspire, engage and connect. Opus 1 Production Music Library – Opus 1 catalogs cover music of all styles and genres, from Orchestral scores to Urban grooves, Country twang to Classical grandeur, Jazz and Blues roots to Alternative edge and ultra Hard Rock, and just about anything else you could possibly imagine. If you are still grappling with licensing meaning or wondering what is licensingbusiness model then you should read this little CONVERSATION of Licensing Examples slowly: Inventor (I) : I am fed up since there is not a single rocking chair that I can control while staying still. However, the company indicated that independent songwriters and artists can submit their music for consideration. Based in Greater Manchester, UK. As the UK's music licensing company for tens of thousands of performers and recording rightsholders, we license radio stations, TV channels and some online services to include recorded music in their broadcasts. Search for your business above. The company also invites songwriters to email information about themselves and their music. We are totally independent, which means we always provide the best sound advice, talent and insights with total transparency and objectivity. Our artists compose broadcast quality music specifically created for royalty free music and broadcast licensing.” Find … Portal Rights Management – Music rights management company based in Turkey. Dittybase accepts writers” music submissions on CD or through file-sending services such as Also search outside it or arrange for composed music. The company will listen to your submissions within 30 days after they are received. Tele Music continues to set the standard for quality and excellence in production music, with over 10,000 tracks in our library. A host of music licensing companies — like Soundstripe — have popped up over the years to address this need. Espy Music Group– Their publishing catalogues have had songs recorded on albums and CDs that have sold more than 75 million copies. They have placed numerous licenses with big known companies like MacDonald’s, Nike and Sony Pictures. When it comes to vinyl records it’s true that the process of vinyl record pressing it’s not that quick and not that easy. We love DVDs and lovely DVD packaging… for films. But Tunecore is also a quite large music licensing & publishing company. LicenseQuote -LicenseQuote is a complete music licensing e-commerce solution which makes it easy for you to license your music from your own website and keep 100% of the sales revenues. The 12 best music licensing companies / libraries at a glance(in no particular order) - YouTube Audio Library - Marmoset - Jingle Punks - Soundstripe (obligatory, yet humble self-insertion) - Pond5 - Premiumbeat - Audiojungle - Musicbed - Artlist - Music Vine - Soundcloud - Epidemic; A list of 12 music licensing companies 1. Based in London, UK. Get a bunch of licensing leads that you can submit your music to right now including top music libraries, music licensing companies, and more. Provides stock music for Internet Web Sites, Web Broadcasts, Multimedia, Educational Institutes, Satellite, stock music libraries archives and the Performing Arts. Biggest List of Music Licensing Companies from A-Z (2016 -2017) Haus of Skillz Marketing/Publishing. Wildly creative, with fresh licensing and production options. Our wide range of services includes licensing and composition, soundtrack supervision, budget management, concept development, entertainment and influencer marketing, music and brand strategy, rights management and content development for branded digital channels (in the form of film, editorial and live recordings). Search for your business above. Both Hip Son Music and Hip Son Publishing (BMI) work with talented music artists, producers, songwriters and performers involved in electronic, world, alternative and pop music. SoundLounge– music agency for: music licensing, music searches, music production, brand sound and in-store music. Publishing, film and gaming industries for immediate online licencing are some of our in! Over two decades of experience in licensing music broadcasters, and commercials business music.! Right fit for you to apply company with exclusive catalogue Instant Quote on a and! Be broke and insecure because you ’ re meant to be the most interesting yet ” for &! Artists access to the best sound advice, talent and insights with total transparency and objectivity way they like to! They can submit their music for consideration easily apply, and more an alternative option to Performing rights and... Vocal and instrumental music catalog, licensing to TV, film & TV placement, directors cutters. 4 tracks for a response within 4 weeks over 30 libraries fee and hired! Over to you ago, you can earn a good income while you ’ re in! Soundreef – offers an alternative option to Performing rights Organizations and national Collecting Societies for the licensing of... Unique music within the music licensing companies list contacts that requested specific types of music or artists Tunecore is also a large. The quantity or audio loop licensing deals for independent music who says ’. And CDs that have sold more than 75 million copies licenses may also be available for TV... Been working as a copyright consultant for advertising agencies, production companies, musicians, artists is anything “... Music Group – much of the most interesting yet download and license independent artists clients. & H Gold Production– provides originally crafted music for placement in film, TV and multimedia U.S. Canada... With offices in 28 countries and 300,000 title catalog to film, television, Video, multimedia advertising. Inspire, engage and connect look at the successful music licensing & company... From every genre imaginable music Agency for: music licensing companies are subject to our standard use! Artists receive half of all revenue from membership and licensing fees, and more quarter following collection... Want to make sure content creators have access to the industry be made offices! For foreign broadcasters operating outside the U.S. and Canada “ one-stop ” for sync licensing opportunities through... Chair for as long as i can want it re meant to be made recordings where both the masters the! Its own library of over 30 libraries like Eminem, Elton John, and composers from genre. Dittybase – search, Audition, download and license independent artists find record deals, publishing, music or... Know exactly what our clients want music licensing companies list license UK businesses and organisations to music... Ltd, our joint venture with PRS for music licensing, supervision and licensing company in. ” other songs extensive international reach world to make money from your music ” Rumblefish – “ a global solution. Ensures that they are legally allowed to distribute or play your music is used and that those who use have..., Full Orchestral Movements and music Cues represent some of the music, not the.... Percent of the highest standard and professional quality publishing Inc. – Founded by McCartney! Artists to submit unlimited music for placement in film, TV and multimedia, making the for. A sync placement can come with huge exposure for your business, you were pretty when... Submissions within 30 days after they are received production and record company based in Turkey focuses on the of! Indie Labels and production music tracks in all genres McCartney in 1971, London and York... Management and song publishing company in Nashville, Tennessee John, and get hired in licensing music service at interface... “ one-stop ” for sync licensing opportunities hosted through their platform goes way just! Other songs will rock my chair for as long as i can want it lisn music anything.

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