Email Signup. We carry a variety of colors, materials, and sizes from the top travel bag manufacturers. You’ll see these bags range from pretty inexpensive all the way up to the $500 range depending on the model and brand you choose. If you aren’t flying with them, a golf travel bag can still be beneficial for storing and protecting your golf clubs if you prefer to have one. And if you’re shopping for other gear take a look at these related review articles from Outside Pursuits: SPORTS & HOBBIES  ELECTRIC SCOOTERS | AGGRESSIVE INLINE SKATES | INLINE SPEED SKATES | OUTDOOR BASKETBALLS | OUTDOOR BASKETBALL SHOES | BASKETBALL HOOPS | WATERSPORTS SHOES | PICKLEBALL PADDLES | GOPRO ALTERNATIVES | DRONES FOR GOPRO | INDOOR SOCCER SHOES | COOLER ICE PACKS | 12 VOLT COOLERS | CAMPING AIR MATTRESSES | WATERPROOF BACKPACKS | WATERPROOF BOOTS, Your email address will not be published. The next most important factor for picking out your golf travel bag is ensuring its durability and padding inside to protect your sticks. Base your decision on what level of protection you are most comfortable with compared to which other features matter to you and how much you want to spend. Internal compression straps are necessary for hard cases as well unless the case is specifically designed to be form-fitting – although the straps can still be beneficial. From buying locally at a sporting goods store, on Amazon or somewhere else, there is no shortage of selection. Club Glove Rolling Duffle III XL Travel Bag. All of our golf club case picks are hard case golf travel bags with wheels, but this one is a bit unique among most options. Don’t forget to factor in your golf bag as well. More specifically, how to travel with your precious golf clubs. This is truly stronger and more secure. Not only do you get a good looking bag, but it also comes with a matching duffel bag and shoe bag. Ideally, I think this option is best for a lightweight stand bag not a staff bag. Great Condition, (only used for one return trip) features two smooth rolling wheels, top and side spring-loaded handles, protective foam lining and three latches (no Keys). After 5 trips in 5 months the bag had a hole. To make this a little simpler, we have split up our recommendations for the Top 6 Best Golf Travel Bags and Cases into the Top 3 Best Golf Travel Bags and the Top 3 Best Hard Case Golf Travel Bags. If you’re new to the golf travel bag scene, you’ll quickly learn there are a ton of choices out there. If you will be taking your golf clubs and equipment on a flight, you will definitely need one. If you are looking at taking your golf clubs on holiday, whether it's 4 clubs or a full set, we have the travel bag suitable for you. Usually, if its over 40 or 50 pounds, you’ll have to pay an extra $25 to $50. Like the two options we mentioned from CaddyDaddy, this bag also has extra padding at the top to add additional protection to golf club heads. There is also a Club Glove Last Bag XL Tour pro version that’s even bigger and offers all the same benefits. GPS watch, expensive rangefinder, golf GPS, etc.). Made with lightweight and durable polyester that shields your bag and clubs while still looking good! The major downside is the lack of reinforcement around the clubs themselves. They are also nice and lightweight! It is made of durable nylon fabric that is reinforced at stress points to further increase durability and reduce chance of tearing over time. I’ve got hands-on experience with this one and they’ve helped get my clubs all over the country including an epic trip to Pebble Beach and Spyglass Hills. Heavy-duty curb rails help ensure no damage is done even to the outside of your golf travel bag. | Free shipping on many items! Making the decision between hard and soft golf club travel bags narrows down your options quite a bit, but you’ll still need to choose a specific bag or case based off of a few other details. While the material looks sturdy, some reviewers on Amazon had a different experience. You need to decide whether to save some money with a cheap cloth travel bag or to splurge and get a hard case. All of our recommendations are golf club travel bags with wheels due to the massive difference in convenience that this makes. With 3 outside pockets, there is plenty of room to house my clubs, shoes, rain gear and more. So if you notice your old golf bag has a hole or is looking a little worse for wear, you can easily replace it quickly. Double ATA Golf Travel Case Model: . Put extra material between your clubs before closing the … Both of these models are great selections but it’s pricey. AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Golf Club Travel Bag. These top-rated golf travel bags and covers help you travel to your destination with peace of mind. However, even the best golf travel bag won’t stand up in protection to a good hard shell golf travel bag. 5mm of padding throughout, to help protect your golf clubs during transit. Three strong latches along the side of the golf travel case hold it securely shut and create a dirt-, moisture-, and dust-resistant seal. With quality materials and packing features, this piece of luggage can take your clubs is a pretty good choice. It’s important to note that on outdoor gear and cases the zipper is usually not the fail-point, but rather the fabric material eventually wears and then separates at the zipper seams. Whether you choose a hard shell or a soft shell case, I always recommend a Bag Boy backbone travel cover support system. Just imagine that you booked your ultimate golf bucket list trip. A broken wood can ruin your mood and experience that you might have spent a lot of money on. It also features both the internal as well as external compression straps for increased security. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. There are 4 spinner wheels that are able to turn around in any direction. A soft bag can provide excellent protection when designed and fitted well. Plus, this is one of the few options that allows longer clubs as well. The Samsonite hard case with wheels weighs in at 14 lbs. You’ll want the wheels to help make transport as easy as possible – especially in a busy airport. Not even all golfers will need one. Duffel bag makes a great carry on bag that you can use year round. ... SKB Golf Travel Case $399.99 SKB SKB 14 Inch Deluxe Travel Case $369.99 BAG BOY T-10 TRAVEL COVERS $219.99 3 Colours. Club Glove Stiff Arm. I’m confident after reading these you’ll find the one that will help get your clubs to your dream destination or just safely to your next golf adventure. I’ll review the best golf travel bags for both soft and hard shells so this is more of a personal preference than anything else. Fortunately, the case is made to be form-fitting, so it shouldn’t be a huge problem. Choosing the right golf bag carrier for you is important, but fortunately, it is also relatively simple. It’s made in the USA and everything from the material to the zippers and clasps are made with super high-quality material. Tips on packing your golf bag safely. Hard shell golf travel bags don’t need external compression straps, but this one does take care to include internal compression straps. Himal Golf Travel Bag - Heavy Duty 600D Polyester Oxford Wear-Resistant, Excellent Zipper Universal Size with Wheels, Soft-Sided Golf Club Travel Cover to Protect Clubs It’s made of cordura which is much more durable than nylon and provides a ton of protection for a soft shell case. It has a solid ABS shell that is extremely durable while remaining very lightweight. After my first travel cover which was a Bagboy T750 I had concerns even with the backbone on for air travel. Bag Boy T-2000 Travel Cover. You want to make sure company behind the bag offers a warranty in case something happens. Always take pictures before you go so you have documentation in case anything happens in transit. [amazon box=”B07WYXXL4V” tracking_id=”addprod1-20″], [amazon box=”B01M4MJN9P” tracking_id=”addprod1-20″], [amazon box=”B00FRMH9ZU” tracking_id=”addprod1-20″], [amazon box=”B0009VELG4″ tracking_id=”addprod1-20″], [amazon box=”B01C7WC6J6″ tracking_id=”addprod1-20″], [amazon box=”B00K1SEL7E” tracking_id=”addprod1-20″], [amazon box=”B01HNF8LJ6″ tracking_id=”addprod1-20″], [amazon box=”B01MQURH1J” tracking_id=”addprod1-20″], [amazon box=”B07GVGWV75″ tracking_id=”addprod1-20″], [amazon box=”B00SHUEPBK” tracking_id=”addprod1-20″], [amazon box=”B003V4BZHY” tracking_id=”addprod1-20″], [amazon box=”B077TTWHHB” tracking_id=”addprod1-20″], [amazon box=”B00R7JD4G4″ tracking_id=”addprod1-20″], [amazon box=”B000VX6Y2Y” tracking_id=”addprod1-20″]. ... Travel Accessories Sort. You’re probably excited beyond belief. Smaller in size. Overall, it’s ranked very high by golfers worldwide and an easy choice if you’re not traveling often. The Athletico padded soft cover bag is one of the most affordable options on the market. This makes it a pain if you have to put your shoes in your suitcase as they take up a lot of extra room. The Ping Rolling travel cover is another top choice among golfers worldwide as the bag is extremely easy to get your clubs in and out of with ease. What you will need to decide on is if you are comfortable with just basic in-line skate wheels for pulling the bag behind you, or if you want multi-directional wheels that allow the bag to stand straight upright and be pushed or pulled in any direction. It’s important to remember to always check airline rules when it comes total weight for your golf bag. Shop for golf club travel bags and cases online today at PGA TOUR Superstore! Plus, all of the colors are great looking and appear to have been made with high-quality material. The soft shell case has a strong polyester blend material that makes it very durable. Don’t get cheap now and suffer when something happens to them in transit. Plus, with Amazon’s generous return policy, you can return it if you don’t love it after opening the box.

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