But, it isn’t the end of the world. If you have an interest in healthcare, helping others, and working as part of a large medical team, a career in nursing is a great way of bringing together your passions while you make a positive impact. Head over to UCAS track and see if Medicine has gone into clearing. 6 Straightforward steps to get into nursing school. Remember the nursing school classes are actually harder than the prerequisites and only the strong survive! Your current feelings are overwhelming enough. If you have an option to visit the campus and participate in an admissions interview, do so. Easiest Nursing Schools to Get Into. I’d like to hear from folks in other settings to see how they handle this issue. My mind was in such a bad place. At NURSING.com, we believe Black Lives Matter ✊, No Human Is Illegal , Love Is Love ️‍, Women's Rights Are Human Rights , Science Is Real , Water Is Life , Injustice Anywhere Is A Threat To Justice Everywhere ☮️. Do develop an organizational system that works for you. Do your research on different programs and apply to the ones that make sense for you. If there are any other courses you can take in college while you await acceptance into the nursing program, go ahead and take them. You don’t necessarily have to do this unless your GPA could use some improvement. I just finished my first year in college and I'm taking nursing pre-requisites. If you have access to the programs, apply for four or five. Keep your head up and apply early! This is one small part of your life but you have a whole future to be a nurse. But, remember that your GPA matters, so keep that in mind when you are determining how to get accepted next time you apply. I had good hospital experience and great recommendations. All references to such names or trademarks not owned by NRSNG, LLC or TazKai, LLC are solely for identification purposes and not an indication of affiliation. Where did I go wrong? Getting into medical school is extremely competitive, so although you may be disappointed not to get a place, you won’t be alone. Sorry for the novel! However you cannot ignore the earning potential and opportunities that a BSN provides. Apply for More Programs. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'm not good at bucket memorization. If at first you dont succeed retake some classes and try again. This happened to my boyfriend. I had applied twice before I got in. When you apply to nursing school, they will look at your GPA from prerequisite classes. If I don't get into nursing school, I would probably have to retake classes which means more student debt. Take the pre-reqs and then apply for your sophomore year?? Thanks for your encouragement! If you don't get into any, see if there are any classes that you could take while you wait for a year. If you have a very clear idea of when you want to get into nursing school and you aren’t willing to budge on that, well, then you are going to be sorely disappointed. I got in and started the program a month before I turned 25 and finished the month before I turned 26, with a pretty decent gpa, actually way better than I would have thought based on my prereq gpa. Find a school near you that will accept your credits and get in somewhere else. If advanced practice is your end goal, look into PA programs too. Some institutions will even help you pay for your BSN if you sign a contract with them, which is one of the reasons I'm going for my ADN. Many people get into the nursing field because they want to make a difference. I've attended 3 years of school now taking pre-requisites/re-taking some courses and I'm really terrified I just won't get in. Undergraduate nursing school requirements are quite similar to any other college requirements: Complete your application and have it submitted by the deadline. I applied to two of the schools and got into both programs, and am a little over half way through my first semester. Now, if you want to avoid getting denied nursing school, then keep the following six steps in mind. Then, you get the letter. In this video I share my story of not getting into nursing school the first time I applied. We compiled a list of 34 of the easiest nursing schools to get into. And start working on skills and connections you may need to get a job if you have to go to plan B. You can find a list of courses by using our Course Finder. It's no biggie, people in my class skid by with a 2.8 GPA, they were on the waiting list for a whole, but hey. You options include taking a related degree or reapplying. That’s a simplified version, but it gets the point across. You don’t have to be crazy about math to be a good nurse. And be honest with yourself, if you know that you will spend a lengthy career or want to pursue a graduate degree, wait a little longer and continue pursuing the BSN. You open it with anticipation and then you read the words, “We regret to inform you that…” Those few words are enough to ruin your day or week or month. NCLEX success rate: If it’s not advertised on their nursing program information page, make a point to ask the admission representatives you speak with about the NCLEX pass rate of the program’s graduates. If your heart is in it than 100% keep trying, do what you have to to make your dream come true. I wouldn't get too down on yourself though. You are still so young too! However, sometimes the careers we choose don’t always pan out the way we think they will. Be willing to go out of state. In two weeks, you could find out you got in and you'll wonder why you were so worried :) But if you don't get chosen, keep your eyes on the prize! My heart is set on becoming a great physician and I’m going to keep at this endeavor until I succeed. Just some food for thought. In the UK system, after you've completed your GCSEs you're going to do your A-levels or an access to nursing course; these are the two current accepted routes for you to be able to go and carry on and study nursing. Don’t recycle your previous personal statement; Whether reapplying to the same school or applying for the first time in a new school after failing to enter med school the first time, avoid using or recycling your old personal statement. If you fail 5 classes in your first year of med school, GET OUT NOW! It’s not. You have to apply to more than just one school. My overall gpa was a 3.2 and my prereq gpa was a 3.4. You’ve spent a lot of money and time, asked for reference letters, and told everyone about your plans. I applied the first time, was put on a waiting list (was told I was high enough that I would get in) and then I didn't get in. I guess I'm just looking for advice for anyone else who has been in a similar situation, I want to start a career and get my life moving along, but at this rate I feel like I'll be almost 30 before I make anything of myself. It is a standardized test to assess your basic skills. By Diane Cole , Contributor Aug. 21, 2008 You just have to find a program that works for you and it might not be the program that you initially wanted. Your personal statement and your entrance exam both have significant weight in the acceptance decision.