Buy custom hip hop beats for $149! The reason behind this is that labels believe that these people understand well the creative objectives of each label and thus make appropriate recommendations. Share PRO. There are lots of talent scouts looking for new artists. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Submit Beats, Get Signed. :), I am a songwriter looking for gigging artists – (band or solo) to perform my songs. We’re often asked where to submit your music to labels. Opportunities with placements, labels & more. Send your demos to record labels who are actively seeking artists. However, depending on the country you live in, there are some record labels accepting demos directly on their websites. Listen to our instrumentals in our Beat Store. Therefore, if they feel that they have a song with a good potential and a great singer that goes with it, they can introduce the whole package to some of their A&R colleagues in music labels. Learn More. How do I submit a demo to Universal Music Group? Supposedly an ANR from Maybach Music had contacted me could this person be true or was it a scam cuz they asked me to bring ten percent of da 100 thous deal to the table but no money was mentioned that I had to put in n now I haven’t talked to that person was it just a scam to get money out of me . Get your music to labels and film, tv, songwriting submissions. Search over 117 genres and 6,500+ places to submit your music. Want to send music to record labels accepting demos, submit music to college radio stations, contact digital record pools, submit music to a&r's, or access one of the largest music industry contact lists around you've come to the right place. This is a awesome, but we’re just a website selling instrumentals. Imagem is one of the largest independent music publishers in the world. Hi guys, my name is Steve. It uses an algorithm that measures plays, shares and other factors to determine acts’ most popular tracks. If you send hip hop and rap beats to any record label or music company without first getting permission from them, they are considered unsolicited materials. If we are interested, we will contact you back with more information on how it works as well as an agreement. The Indie Bible. Their A&Rs are quite active and attentive to the new trends and singers with potential… So if you think your music has potential, you could try to contact them directly… Here’s the link to their website:, You can also check out which is a website specialized in music placement… They have a section where you can check offers from different music companies, even from famous music producers looking for singers to sing on their songs etc. Major Labels and the editors at Spotify and Apple Music look to them for early tip-offs about the best new songs to feature, so picking up a few solid placements could mean the difference between getting 100 plays on your new song, or getting 100,000 plays. We get your music heard by industry influencers including global DJs, playlist curators, bloggers, record labels, radio stations, and music supervisors. You could do the same by uploading your original music on YouTube. So the first guy you have to target is him. Music bloggers and playlisters have a lot of influence in the music industry. The genres of music that i do is R&B SOUL, DEEP HOUSE, I jst need olny 1chance to prove miself. Strictly Necessary Cookies should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Author: Steve C. has been in the music business as a manager for artists and music producers for more than 10 years. Start Trial Now. However, other indirect means exist and new opportunities have arisen due the late changes in the music industry. Hi Sony I am a singer and dancer .. How can I send you a video of me singing so that u may see my talent. You can then submit it on All Def Music’s service: Enter Last Name. In this article, I will give you a few tips to have your demos heard by record companies. So now your turn to play, don’t wait no more! DropTrack helps independent musicians and record labels organize and promote their music. DropTrack helps independent musicians and record labels organize and promote their music. In fact, the duties of these publishing A&Rs are not only to sign new songwriters but also to pitch songs and make as much money as possible from their exploitation (royalties…). Just like everything else, you want to have a backup place … Our mission is to provide our artists with an environment to succeed, including artists that may not have thrived in the traditional industry. My genre is RnB pop (think Alicia Keys/John Legend). The indirect way to submit your music would be … December 6, 2014; ... Read More → Welcome to Beats Avenue Blog! Please enable Strictly Necessary Cookies first so that we can save your preferences! Get 5 Free Beats & 10% Off Your Next Purchase! Select Your Track(s) – The very first step in sending your music to record label companies is to select your track or tracks you have done. This guide can help you submit your demos to top record labels. Hi sony am a life born proffessional artist, i can dance, sing, n also a songwriter. but try and verify to make sure 100% they are in fact who they say they are. By submitting this form, I agree that my information will be used exclusively as part of my request and the ethical and personalized business relationship that may result if I wish. What to do and what not to do. DropTrack provides a directory of labels accepting demos here: You are not limited to sending your music to the labels on DropTrack. Send Beats To Top Independent & Major Rap/Hip Hop Artists | Get Possible Placements! The reason behind this is simple, these guys always need to hear new music to enrich their catalogue. If you need hit songs (for free!) Universal, Sony, Warner), do not accept unsolicited material by postmail or email. ► RADIOS Hello David, if a real A&R contacts you and want to sign you, they will never ask for any money from you… Good luck! Good luck! Hi! Upload all your beats to have access to them whenever you need. Labels Accepting Demos You are not limited to sending your music to the labels on DropTrack. Learn More. Here are 3 ways you can submit your demos to record companies: 1. Sign up here to get these gifts. Music blogs still stand on top of the leaderboard as places to discover new artists and gain … Easy choice!” ASAP TY Beats We get your music heard by industry influencers including global DJs, playlist curators, bloggers, record labels, radio stations, and music supervisors. So, the more songs they listen to, the more chance they’ll find something good for their music database and their clients. Promote your music to several hundred music blogs. How to Sell Beats to Record Labels Direct record label submissions. Good luck! If you are looking for a list of record labels looking for new artists and bands, you are at the right place. To make it clear, they don’t want to waste their time… And you shouldn’t waste yours either. LIMITED OFFER! You can track each pitch's progress in the member area. Share Pro is a marketplace for music creators and music industry professionals to meet, discover, and network. How much does GigFaster cost? So if you want to submit beats to artists, send your beats to grand hustle, submit your tracks to wiz khalifa, send music to drake, send beats to labels, submit beats to big sean, email beats to nicki minaj, or you just want to start submitting beats to record labels, our guide was written with you in mind. The independent way. Hi Adrian, if you would like to push your sound to the next level, you should always get more and more information on how to perfect your sound, meaning you should look for online tutorials for example. He’s always happy to help artists by sharing tips about music business! Indirect way via a publisher The label’s objective is to focus on the development and promotion of artists via YouTube. Submit demo to Rexius Records and our collaboration labels here. Keep believing in your dreams! Is there any information or guidance you can provide me with. Read more: How to Start Rapping. “All Beat Submission Contacts Were Acquired From Official Artist Or Label Twitter or Facebook Posts” I constantly watch Twitter and Facebook for opportunities to send beats to rappers that I … No one can deny the fact that the internet has forever changed the face of the music industry. You know how to get your music heard by music industry executives! Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. First of all, of course, you would need a nice produced song. Are you a soulful singer like Joss Stone or are you more pop orientated like … We follow up until we get a response for you. Opportunities with placements, labels & more. SIGN UP BELOW TO SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC: 1. Submit Music to Record Labels, A&R, Film/TV. You can find out more about Atlantic Records by visiting Our Label. You may have heard of Niykee Heaton. Mathias from Rexius Records is giving 5 easy tips before sending a demo to a record label. For example, on websites like Beats Avenue, you can find some top quality beats for sale (instrumentals) at an affordable price. If you disable these cookies, we will not be able to save your preferences. Just keep on promoting your music on the internet, especially on YouTube. Help plz. ‘Type Beats’ or ‘Type…, Whether you have a music band or are a solo artist, finding a music manager…, As the holiday season is approaching, the Booming Brothers produced 4 Christmas Beats with the…, Arts Promotion All artists, djs, producers, & It will get your music to the people that can get you somewhere in your career. DropTrack provides real-time feedback and analytics on who listened to your music, when and where. He is in fact an Artistic Director who is responsible in selecting the artists that would fit best his label’s needs. On Beats Avenue, you will find a wide range of music genres from Pop to Hip-Hop, including Electro, R&B, Gospel, Soul, Latin, Rock, Acoustic…. We specialize in connecting music makers with the biggest names in music and entertainment, finally breaking the barrier between independent artists and the music industry's most powerful tastemakers. You wouldn’t believe … Don’t see how you could go wrong submitting some tracks.” DJ Spintelect @Spintelect “I want all you talented producers, songwriters & artists to head over to & submit your best records! My website is All rights reserved. Submit to Grey's Anatomy, J Lo and more.. Not Doing Your Research. people from labels do still ask for beat packs, it's not out of the ordinary although it is slowly dying out. ► BLOGS, STYLES AS: EDM / ELECTRONIC / DANCE / POP / ROCK / LATIN MUSIC / RAGGAETON / HIPHOP / HOUSE / ELECTRO HOUSE / DBSTEP / D&B / BREAK…. Submit Demo – Get accepted by Record Labels fast. The future is digital, no doubt about it and this is why Russell Simmons, famous founder of Def Jam Records, entrepreneur Steve Rifkind and film director/producer Brian Robbins have recently teamed up to open a new label called “All Def Music”. Blogs. How to Get Music Bloggers To Reply To Your Email, How to Get Your Music Featured on a Spotify Playlist, 4 Pro Tips to Find Music Supervisors and Get Your…, Why social media is DEAD for music marketing (and…. There is already an account using that e-mail - Please use a different email. The indirect way to submit your music would be through A&Rs from music publishing companies. Most major and upper independent record labels will reject (trash) them. Beat Store. Typically, demos are recommended to one of our labels’ A&R departments by a manager, agent, producer, radio DJ or other industry professional. With a working knowledge of how to contact the record labels, you will learn how to make a show with a record label, and once you know what labels are looking for talent, you'll be on your way to know how to achieve the signing of a major label record (if that's your goal). Send Beats. Don’t see how you could go wrong submitting some tracks.”, “I want all you talented producers, songwriters & artists to head over to RecordLabelsSubmissions & submit your best records! I’m so glad you are looking for a few of my favorite movies . The classic way of submission is the most commonly used but certainly not easy. Submit a demo to 11,000 + directions: including record labels, promoters and management agencies. LIMITED OFFER! Be relevant to the label. I would like to hear from you, please comment below ;-). First of all, you’ve got to be aware that the first person you’ll have to... 2. Once you have your song ready, you can upload it on YouTube and start promoting it. SendBeatsTo makes it easy for you to send your beats to anyone looking for beats (artists, labels, video producers etc.) So you have to find a guy that could represent you and submit this music for you. Later, you’ll also get notifications about our updates and special offers. In turn, that will give you and your band the best opportunity of being signed or picked up. Easy choice!”, “I definitely Co-Sign RecordLabelsSubmissions , they know all the right people to get your music to where it needs to be.”, ► LABELS Visit How To Get Signed to learn about how we discover new artists and get exclusive advice from Atlantic Records A&R and your favorite artists. Music Promo Database. Hey yo hello there ! This is the cardinal sin in contacting record labels! How can I submit my music to record labels? But “how to make a demo?” Ok, I hear you… In fact, this is quite simple. First of all, you’ve got to be aware that the first person you’ll have to convince in a record company is someone called an “A&R” (Artiste & Repertoire). Artists, DJs, Producers & Writers all need to submit their best tracks if they are serious about their music.”, “All artists, djs, producers, writers that want to take their music to the next level take your music over to RecordLabelSubmissions & submit your best tracks.”, “There isn’t any other service out there like it, they listen to each submission & respond with constructive criticism that you typically can’t buy from industry heads. Opportunities for Independent musicians. Keeping these cookies enabled helps us to improve our website. Music submission to record labels has never been an easy task…. We're music promoters providing top music promotion services & music submissions for indie artist marketing. Here is a list of all the best record companies we recommend you to submit your demo to. Don’t Put All Of Your Eggs In One Basket. Think you have what it takes to be the next great artist on Atlantic Records? Go connect with Music Managers, Record Labels, A&R Reps. Click here to submit your music to over 28,000 music industry Pro's . Red Bull Records is an independent record label dedicated to long-term artist development with a global perspective. I am in the same spot as the young lady below, I am looking for a chance to push my sound. I’m a Music Producer / Beat Maker seeking to push my sound to the next level. The producer also is already an accomplished studio and recording engineer, and likely a passable if not … For example, you can submit your music to Sony Music France’s labels (Columbia and Jive/Epic) on the following this link:, So you can check out different labels’ website and see if you have possible ways for online demo submission. to help your repetoire/career please contact me. DropTrack provides real-time feedback and analytics on who listened to your music, when and where. Sign Up & Submit! You can use DropTrack to send your music to all of your industry contacts via email, social, or direct message. I have worked in the music business for more than 10 years as a manager for artists and music producers. © 2021 DropTrack. More and more digital music is being sold compared to physical CDs and an artist has to be online to promote himself. If the singer gets signed, then everybody wins, the record company and the publisher. We listen to all demos that are submitted to us, but please respect that we might take time to respond, due to many artists sending demos to us. You can use DropTrack to send your music to all of your industry contacts via email, social, or direct message. She is the first artist signed to All Def Music and was recently toping the Charts with her single “Bad Intentions”. We work with artists from all over the world in every genre. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. Classic way for record label submissions. Have you had any experience with music labels? This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Privacy and Terms. I was recently a winner for 2018 International Indie Songwriters Contest for ‘Get it Heard’ Hi I am a 32 year old new Orleans female local artist I have been featuring on others music but never had the time to make my own single or mixtape I am so good but between love and life duties I never had the time so I making the time now I am good at raping I can dance as well I just need a ghostwriter and studio wwithouthout bullcrap going on, I just want one chance and I bet I make it big. Click the pitch button and GigFaster will contact the venue, music promoter or record label on your behalf. Book gigs with thousands of venues in the United States. ► PROMOTORAS These types of A&Rs can be approached more easily than the ones from record labels. If you are an artist, please submit your materials to: If you are a label, please submit your materials to: Please do not write any further e-mails, long explanations or send anything else. and track them from wherever you are in the world. When an artist signs a deal with a label, they should see themselves as an investment of the record label.Artists don’t get paid if they are with a record label.The record label lends them money that is to be paid back if/when the artist makes it.Suppose that a music label gives a band a $250,000 advance to record an album.The label agrees to do so in return for 90% of the sales. We suggest importing some labels who have previously signed similar music, and send them your tunes for consideration! Demo submissions should be directed to UMG’s record labels, but kindly note that they are unable to accept unsolicited material. All transactions are securely processed through To know and exercise my rights, in particular to cancel my consent, I can check the Privacy Policy by, What Artists need to know while hiring or working with a Music Manager. List of Record Labels. ► MANAGEMENT AGENCIES In general, most record companies, at least major record companies (e.g. You can browse a large catalogue of royalty free beats: Pop beats, Rap instrumental/beats, R&B beats, Club beats, Gospel beats. George, Am looking for manage to manage my music and promote me high to be know in the world history. Upload Beats. i've heard of some people getting a written agreement before hand as well just stating that you supplied them w beats, it's mostly just for security of the producer This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Your demos must be recommended to the labels’ A&R departments by music managers, agents, producers, radio DJs… In the USA, even lawyers can recommend you, this is quite common. This website uses Google Tag Manager & Facebook Pixel to collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site, and the most popular pages. submit music to record labels. Be sure to check back frequently and follow us on Twitter for the latest opportunities and information. Welcome to the world of ready-to-use instrumentals for rappers and singers. So, it’s always the same, first you have to learn how to market yourself, how to promote your music in order to be noticed! Of course, you have to be aware that the chance your music will be heard is quite low compared to having someone introducing it for you, but this is worth a try. Classic way for record label submissions Record Labels Database. © 2020 Beats Avenue. I have talent in music but now we’re to start to be star. Here are 3 ways you can submit your demos to record companies: 1. Check it out: The third way is related to the opportunities arising from the changes in the music market. The beat producer is the person that knows music theory and has an ear for what sounds good and is popular, doubling already as a record producer. the first time in the future studio’s, and then you have to be a great deal with it . Venues Database. I can sing but never have the time for other people to hear I would love to sing professional but I can also do cover songs, Great! Enter First Name. We suggest importing some labels who have previously signed similar music, and send them your tunes for … I am the General Manager of Beats Avenue, welcome on the site! Of course, we tend to always believe that we need to have a big network or someone pulling strings for us but there are still new ways that are reachable for every artist.