The ___________________form is also called a "super bill" or "encounter form" and is the ________________claim form used by physicians. When performing an EKG (ECG), the ______lead is placed on the shoulder. You’ve studied, you’ve gotten a good night’s sleep.You’ve had a nutritious breakfast and all the other things that can help prepare you for your test day – but what else can you expect?. This consists of injury to another person's reputation, name, or character through spoken (slander) or written (libel) words. Electrodes are applied to the left arm (LA), the right arm (RA) and the left leg (LL). The _______________________test or _________________test is one of several methods that detect the presence of fecal occult blood. ______________ or ________________disease is the spread of a disease from one organ or part to another non-adjacent organ or part. State in which reduced amount of air enters the lungs resulting in decreased oxygen level and increased carbon dioxide level in blood. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin; Pregnancy test. It can vary with age: infants have an irregular rhythm while adults have regular. Count the number of small boxes between an RR interval and divide into 1500. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. There veins are susceptible to infections, and since blood flow is impaired, the specimen collected may produce erroneous test results. The basis of tort in this case is the unprivileged touching of one person by another. A urinary tract infection (UTI) is a bacterial infection that affects part of the urinary tract. Occurs when there is insufficient return of blood flow to the heart, resulting in inadequate supply of oxygen to all organs and tissues of the body. Is the first deflection after the diastole, produced by atrial depolarization. Although your experience may vary test location to location a few things will remain the same for every NHA exam candidate. Study for the CCMA exam. Describe how the Snellen Eye Chart is typically used. medical insurance for active duty, reserves, or retired military, A fee that is within the range of the usual fee charged for the service. (C & S), Body Mass Index (BMI) is a heuristic proxy for human body fat based on an individual's wt and ht. hospice care; taking care of the whole person—body, mind, spirit, heart and soul—with the goal of giving patients with life-threatening illnesses the best quality of life they can have through the aggressive management of symptoms. A hollow muscular organ located in the thoracic cavity between the lungs in a space called Mediastenum. Medical Assistant (CCMA) Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) Phlebotomy Technician ...Online Study Guide … Order of Draw (BeCause Better Specimens Generate Perfect Goals). Contains the anticoagulant sodium polyanetholesulfonate (SPS). A________________should never give test results to a patient. The presence of increased numbers of leukocytes or white blood cells in the urine is an indicator of bacteriuria or urinary tract infection (UTI). This is the key concept of HIPAA. This line, designated 20/20, is the smallest line that a person with normal acuity can read at a distance of 20 feet. ____________________ enforces safety conditions in the medical office. study materials supplemental documentation nhanow com. BMI is defined as _________________divided by _______________, Body mass divided by square of his/her height. Upcoding. _______________( codes V01-V91) are used to describe encounters with circumstances other than disease or injury. Contains additives and anticoagulants. I tried to fix it to make it more readable but I apologize in advance) Resources. ________________is a medical test in which glucose is given and blood samples taken afterward to determine how quickly it is cleared from the blood. The destruction of pathogenic microorganisms after them leave the body. Contains the anticoagulant Heparin combined with sodium, lithium, or ammonium ion. A sitting or semi-sitting position where the back of the examination table is elevated to either 45 degrees (45 degrees (Semi-Fowler's) or 90 degrees (High-Fowler's). quizlet cmaa study guide provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. Are caused by diseases of the valves or other structural abnormalities. Occurs immediately after depolarization and is the movement of positively charged ions back to the outside of the cell, returning the cell back to its original polarized state. This is a blood clot usually a consequence of insufficient pressure applied after the withdrawal of the needle. hearing test using a tuning fork; MA should ask the patient to raise their hand when the sound disappears. When if affects the lower urinary tract it is known as a simple ________________ infection; and when it affects the upper urinary tract it is known as _____________( a kidney infection.). A premature ventricular complex arises from an irritable site within the ventricles. It is transient in the newborn and maybe caused by the hysteria in the adult. This law deals with the rendering of first aid by health care professionals at the scene of an accident or sudden injury. It prevents blood cell destruction and clotting. Low oxygen saturation of the body, not enough oxygen in the blood. Comprising 3% to 8% of the population, they are also the largest WBC's. NHA practice tests This occurs during sleep. A structure in the middle of the heart that divided the heart into two sides. What vital sign would be expected to be out of range? A CMA should never practice outside their ___________________. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, An _________________form is usually personalized by the practice. Contains no additive or anticoagulant. NHA CCMA STUDY GUIDE Questions from study guide. The atria and ventricles beat independently from each other. Used for instruments that easily corrodes. Is caused by multiple irritable sites all over the atria firing at a rate exceeding 350 bpm. Their number increases in intracellar infections and tuberculosis. This type of AV block is also called a Complete Heart Block, or CHB, because impulses generated by the SA node are completely blocked before reaching the ventricular muscle fibers. The use of antimicrobial soap to remove, kill or inhibit transient microorganisms. Uses plain soap to remove soil and transient bacteria. ____________information is gained by questioning the patient or taking if from a form. Flashcards. excpt pharmacy technician cpht printed study guide 2 0. nhanow medical assistant study guide ratiba de. 30% off Offer Details: Nha Ccma Study Guide Pdf Coupon - The method by which an infectious agent leaves it reservoir. The 10 rights (R')s of medication administration are: When performing CPR, the CMA should do at least __________ compressions per minute. Such infections include fungal and bacterial infections and are aggravated by the reduced resistance of individual patients. Choose from 500 different sets of nha ccma certification guide flashcards on Quizlet. Is a paper, plastic or metal sensor placed on the patient's skin on a specific location and transmit it to the cable. Involves skin-to-skin contact and physical transfer of microorganisms to a susceptible host from an infected or colonized person. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. ________pulse is used in determining the heart rate of infants. Collected blood clots by normal coagulation process in 30-60 minutes. In addition, they will become outdated if the test changes. Contains with or without clot activator or gel. Gives each patient a specific time slot depending on status and need. Grasps and clamps blood vessels during surgical procedures. Is the process by which blood vessels are repaired after injury. Start studying NHA CCMA Study Guide. The head is turned to one side. These rings which surround the base of the heart and large vessels, create the cardiac septum, and provide a solid connection between the heart chambers and a strong attachment for the heart valves. Are antibodies produced in response to Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection (atypical pneumonia). five digit numeric codes for procedures & services performed by providers. Antiseptic agent used to clean the skin before a blood culture draw. Located at the interventricular septum, the Bundle His divides into the right and left bundle branches, the function of which is to conduct the electrical impulse to the Purkinje fibers throughout the ventricles. Are controlled measures aimed at preventing the spread of the disease as infectious agents exit the reservoir. Form 301 must be completed within six working days from the time the employer learns of an occupational injury or illness. stool guaiac or guaiac fecal occult blood test. Is when the patient is on his/her back with knees flexed and soles of feet flat on the bed. Generally has an inhibitory effect via the neurotransmitter. Omits the salutation and the complimentary closing. A ________________or _____________, is the final product of the blood coagulation step in hemostasis. Some tests require that the specimen collected by chilled immediately after collection in crushed ice or ice and water mixture. Additive = SPS (Sodium Polyanethal Sulfonate). Located between the atria and ventricles. ", If a patient is experiencing an episode of hypoglycemia, the CMA can help by giving the patient __________________. This online study guide provides contemporary learning tools such as interactive games, topical quizzes, flash cards and professionalism tips from experts in the field. Snellen charts are named afer the Dutch ophthalmologist ___________________who developed the chart in 1862. Ask the patient if he hears the vibration louder in one ear than the other. leahsmart85. Based on the fact that the transmission of infectious disease will be prevented or stopped when any level in the chain is broken or interrupted. It is achieved via the aggregation of ______________that form a _______________plug, and the activation of the coagulation system (i.e., clotting factors). ____________ is a surgical fixation of a segment of the small intestine to the abdominal wall. Hemostatis Stage 3: This involves a cascade of interactions of coagulation factors that converts the temporary platelet plug to stable fibrin clot. Medical Assistant (CCMA) Online Study Guide 2.0. The first negative deflection produced by the ventricular depolarization that follows the first positive deflection, (R) wave. To perform the test, the anticoagulated blood is placed in an upright tube, known as a ________________tube, and the rate at which the RBCs fall is measured and reported in mm/h. The International Classification of Diseases ( most commonly known by the abbreviation ICD) is a standard _____________tool for epidemiology, health mngmt, and clinical purposes. A finger stick should never be performed on a patient less than _______________ year (s) old. _____________________is a language for accurately describing the human body and associated components, conditions, processes, and process in a science-based manner. Choose Your Main Instructional Resource. A ___________infection, also known as a Hospital Acquired Infection or HAI, is an infection whose development is favored by a hospital environment, such as one acquired by a patient during a hospital visit or one developing among hospital staff. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. A________________urine specimen is collected for a culture and sensitivity. 80% off Offer Details: Ccma Certification Study Guide Coupon - They appear blue to black. NHA Practice EXAM 2019- CCMA, NHA CCMA Study Guide. encounter form; encounter form; common charges, diagnosis, date of service and patient's name. Specific ways in which microorganism travel from the reservoir to the susceptible host. The left arm is positive and the right arm is negative. Suffixes are attached to the end of a word root to add meaning, such as condition, disease process, or procedure. Exam Details. The table is positioned with the head 45 degrees lower than the body. The first positive deflection produced by ventricular depolarization. Used to classify bacteria on the basis of their form, size, cellular morphology, and gram stain reaction. Subjective objective assessment plan. It is a common hematology test, and is a non-specific measure of _____________________. Disconnect and remove all the electric objects from the patient or near by the machine. They are named after _______________, a Russian physician. Their numbers are increased in allergies, skin infections, and parasitic infections. Contains glucose preservative (antiglycolytic agent): sodium fluoride - preserves glucose for 3 days; or lithium iodoacetate-preserves glucose for 24 hours. It is measured from end of QRS to the beginning of the T wave. The part of the Medicare program that pays for hospitalization, care in a skilled nursing facility, home health care, and hospice care. The left arm is positive and the other limbs are negative. Test. These leads record the difference in electricity between two electrode. Uses steam under pressure to obtain high temperature of 250-254F with exposure times of 20-40 minutes depending on the item being sterilized. A ________is an abnormal growth of tissue projecting from a mucous membrane. These are winding or crooked veins. Infectious agents move from the source to the host by means of "_________________". Under this system, every health condition can be assigned to a unique category and given a ___________, up to 6 characters long. The patient is on his/her left side with the right knee flexed against the abdomen and the left knee slightly flexed. Are used for dialysis procedures and must never be used for venipuncture's due to the possibility of infection. The term ___________________is measurable. Nha Ccma Study Guide Pdf Coupon - A heel stick should not be performed on a patient older than ____________year (s) old. _____________, CDC ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Is defined as P wave and PR segment and is measured from the beginning of P wave to the beginning of QRS complex. It is usually more difficult to locate and has a tendency to move, however, it is often the only vein that can be palpated in the obese patient. Medical Assistant (CCMA) Online Study Guide 2.0 + Online Practice Test 2.0 Prepare for your Medical Assistant (CCMA) Certification Exam with an engaging online study guide and online practice test. These are tiny non-raised red spots that appear on the skin from rupturing of the capillaries due to the tourniquet being left on too long or too tight. Intradermal injections (ID) should be administered at a _______________ degree angle. A _______________________is another name for a bruise. Occurs when positively charged ions rapidly move from outside the myocardial cell membrane to the inside, changing the overall charge from negative to a positive. The heel is used in pediatrics. NHA certification study guide for CCMA certification exam. _________________testing is defined as medical testing at or near the site of patient care. The ___________________form is often used as a charge slip and often called a super bill. ___________________is considered offensive touching or use of force on a person without his or her consent. This position is similar to the dorsal recumbent position, except that the patient's legs are well separated and thighs are acutely flexed. This is an injury to underlying tissues caused by probing of the needle. Is 39.37 inches long. Defined as a delay or interruption of the electric impulse conduction beyond the AV node. If a CMA has to treat a psychiatric patient, they must always make sure they are ___________________with the patient. This test is used to monitor the blood levels of certain medication to ensure patient safety and also maintain a plasma level. So, when a term is developed, some logical process is applied. The process of ________________gets rid of ALL forms of microbial life and spores. spirometer; precision differential pressure transducer; the spirometer. nha ccma practice test quizlet provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. QRS Complex, Q (q) Wave, R (r) Wave, S (s) Wave, -Represents ventricular depolarization (activation). A ________________is a substance that dilates the bronchi and bronchioles, decreasing resistance in the respiratory airway and increasing airflow to the lungs. An unwanted interference or jitter on the EKG recording. Involves contact with a contaminated intermediate object in the patient's environment. Gently roll the swab across the slide, in one direction, leaving a thin film of specimen material on the slide. These veins feel hard or cordlike. State in which there is an increased amount of air entering the lungs. Gravity. The ___________________Color Test is an example of a color perception test for red-green color deficiencies. The CMA must make sure that when assisting with an OB/GYN exam that the ________be warmed up by _________over it and then ________properly. Prevents back flow of the blood thereby assuring uni-directional flow thru the heart. It may also be due to certain diseases. Conducted P waves have a constant PR interval; but there are always non-conducted P waves between cardiac cycles, usually producing a "conduction ratio" between atria and ventricles. As the name connotes, it has three cusps (or leaflets). A _______________________would study and practice medicine associated with the skin. Number the next consecutive dark line as 300, 150, 100, 75, 60, and 50. Sudden death of the myocardial tissue due to an abrupt cessation of the blood flow. nhanow medical assistant study guide mksnet de. Which provided an enormous amount of information. Is characterized by rapid depolarization of a single atrial focus at a rate of 250-350 bpm. The observer uses observation to detect significant physical features or objective data. _________________is a group of hereditary genetic disorders that impair the body's ability to control blood clotting or coagulation, which is used to stop bleeding. Not the _______since the ______can be lost. Where electrical flow follows the usual conduction pathway but is too fast, too slow, or irregular. Learn nha ccma certification guide with free interactive flashcards. Built by two layers of connective tissue. Often used for wheelchairs and hospital beds. It is evaluated by measuring the PR interval in EKG traces. Primary assignment is to assist you in exercising your rights as a patient. ________________sounds are the sounds medical personnel listen for when they are taking blood pressure (BP) using a stethescope. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, quizlet cmaa study guide will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative ideas from themselves. Arms may be above the head, alongside the body or folded on the chest. Atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries is the most common cause of the blood supply reduction. They are ordered to detect presence of microorganisms in the patient's blood. OSHA has put into force the Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) Standard when it was concluded that healthcare employees face a serious health risk as a results of occupational exposure to blood and other boy fluids and tissues.. -Revision and updating of the exposure control plan. National Healthcareer Association Coupon Code. This test is appropriate for patients with physical limitation. Useful in hospitals, but costly for the office. Microorganisms carried in this manner can be dispersed widely by air currents and may become inhaled by or deposited on a susceptible host within the same room or over a longer distance from the source patient. A _____________________chart is an eye chart used by eye care professionals and others to measure visual acuity. The ability to receive and transmit electrical impulses to adjacent cells. Protective clothing provides a barrier against infection. (LL-RA), The left leg is positive and the left are is negative. This method is more accurate and is used for regular rhythms only. 80% off Offer Details: Ccma Printable Study Guide 2019 - 10/2020. The are phagocytic cells, meaning, they engulf and digest bacteria. blurred vision, fatigue, weight loss. Nhanow Study Guide nha ccma study sets and flashcards quizlet.