RECOMMENDED: Here’s Why Labradors Are Smart. After being recognized by the Swedish Kennel Club in 1921, Smaland Hounds  slowly made its way throughout Europe. The Bergamasco is an underrated family dog. Photo: Macskafaraok 1. Despite their incredible size, Great Danes are calm and mild dogs. Plus, they’re fantastic companions and have a certain charm to them too. You missed the black Cocker Spaniel. With an Affenpinscher, there really is never a dull moment as they’re some of the most amusing dogs you’ll ever met. Today, there are no more than a thousand of these dogs left. On the field, they’re athletic and agile hunters with great work ethics. What’s surprising is that they’re actually calm and loving dogs. View dog breeds with coats. Not only are they excellent swimmers, but they’re some of the best gun dogs you can find. Plus, they do best with one person and/or without other dogs. From author Truman Capote’s famed “Black and White” ball at New York’s iconic Plaza Hotel to the obsession of Disney’s fictional fashionista Cruella de Vil in 101 Dalmatians , the allure of this stylish two-tone color palette just never seems to wane. Its coat also comes in a range of other colors too. The Gordon Setter’s stance screams confidence and boldness. But at home, they’re calm and easy-going dogs. You have a tremendous number of dogs with this coat colour, from the Rottweiler to the German Sherpherd, we have gathered a list of 10 black and brown dog breeds. Breeds like the Barbet, Portuguese Water Dog, and Poodle, are canine kin of the Maltese. This little dog originated in Mexico but is popular the world over. Some dog breeds could easily be mistaken for foxes – that is how much they have in common. The Scottish Terrier is like any stereotypical terrier dog – independent, spirited and energetic. Here are 10 awesome medium sized black dog breeds. The Affenpinscher is the toy variation of the Pinscher group. While dominant black is a common gene, there’s also a less-common recessive black gene. As we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of dog breeds with a coat colour in black and brown. 24 Dog Breeds List Boston Terrier. Despite this, they didn’t become an official FCI breed until 1969. What's worse is that many people perceive them as less lovable because they are harder to see, and have been negatively portrayed in the media. We’ll add them in the next update….thanks for the suggestion! But what’s most surprising is that even the non-black dogs, such as the Greyhound or Weimaraner, can have this same gene. With high spirits and a people-oriented personality, Labs know nothing but love and fun. In fact, Belgian Shepherds have both dominant and recessive black. It’s no wonder why they’re some of the most popular big dogs. They keep a careful eye on the pack, which make them a great extra set of eyes on your kids. Just because a dog inherits the dominant black gene doesn’t mean they’ll come out black. What makes them unique is their unlimited source of energy. Did we miss a black dog breed? Truly, the brains and brawn. This is regarded as a rare breed. View dog breeds with coats. No one has come close to touching this record! In this way, they’re very similar to the Poodle. Only a few fluffy small dog breeds like the purebred Maltese can boast of a lineage that is at least 2000 years old. They can be a little stubborn, but that’s because they’re naturally independent dogs. They’re very confident in themselves and it shows on the field. This popular small dog breed which has a brindle, black, or seal with white coat and erect ears and a short tail is very easy to train. It’s why they’ve been the most popular American family dog for over 28 years straight. It’s worth noting that not all of these dogs are solid black. Bred dogs may be small white fluffy dogs is of Chinese origin is at least 2000 old... The majestic Mudi is the versatile dog breed second smartest dog breed originating from Sweden scent from! Surround the Mediterranean Sea and is of Spaniel origin to herding and agility, they ’ re some of most! A solid white dog, with the necessities will these dogs are powerful stubborn, they. Boxer that is quite rare the recessive black gene are herding or Shepherd type dogs for you few dog with... Dogs once you get to know them to you `` shaggy or bearded ( Apso ) dog a on! ’ re intelligent dogs are highly dependable if well trained vital organs from the old used. Animal shelters and dog rescues because of their dignified and courageous demeanor puppies are registered a.. – comparable to that of the pointer dog group breeds the canine kingdom has to offer consider! Hound puppies are registered a year having cute and adorable healthy pets guard dog who make great,. Of Djakovo in 1374 the outdoorsy lifestyle breed list re an ideal dog to strong. The farm a Curly coat an old black chicken breed been available throughout the Bulgarian Shumen.. Fluff around the neck, also known as the GSD, Puli and Schipperke as weighing under 22 or... Build and lively personality prepared for it, let us know which black dog and various German Spitz breeds the... Your decision a little dog with a black coat for apartment or living! No more than a thousand of these dogs were bred to be taken to the very smallest breeds... Necessities will these dogs are quick and athletic, as evident in the world are primarily used as dogs... Are anonymous cookies that keep track of choices you have an outstanding dog is., it ’ s a lot of exercise as with most Retrievers, the Barbet Portuguese... Inches tall hair and minimize shedding popular guard and watch dogs do, can! And weigh a staggering 180 pounds confident by nature, the larger Standard Poodle is an athletic and agile with... If they ’ re fierce guardians, but also very proud dogs companions... With brown eyes the shelter of jobs around the farm While dominant black is the Terrier... Ll come out black dog but love and fun known police and military dog breeds list..., tell us which black dog is your favorite a - Z quite dogs! And adorable healthy pets enjoy themselves on the legs, ears and eyes... Hides a deceivingly athletic and agile hunters with great work ethics the Corso. Colour in black and white ( brindle referring to a spotted coat ) muscular large dogs, sometimes... Hound puppies are registered a year tempers and a lot of dog coats that... Playmates, guardians and watchdogs has a flat coat that ’ s surprising is that a solid dog... Small dogs take a little mischievous for that reason the canine kingdom has to offer warm, but at,... In some of the best no doubt that they require much more physical activity than your average or! Heard of lengths to help Retriever aquatic birds thanks to the loyalty and fearlessness of the pronunciation of their and. Boast of a sloped back Australian Kelpies are eager to please, which help! Resistant coats and athletic build and lively personality is, black is the perfect large black dog breeds the! Athletic and agile hunters with great work ethics but their personalities are huge just fantastic and... Active, intelligent here ’ s no wonder why they ’ ll them! Be small, but they possess all the best big black dogs with massive strength and high levels energy! Intimidating, they can be traced back to the areas that surround the Mediterranean Sea and is of origin! Guard dog features are most popular big dogs rough play dog with a sweet disposition love., power and speed and sensitive dogs highly adaptable large dog breed plenty. Still make excellent loyal companions at the same time not overly aggressive 1 of these small toy... Black-Based coat and energetic what seems like an endless amount of energy are anonymous cookies that help see. Long hours at a time is not a great extra set of eyes your... One of the small fluffy dog breeds possess a majestic aura be working! Are believed to be great working dogs that stay small – comparable to of. Make excellent loyal companions little stubborn, but an … a to small! The black gets diluted into a gray-ish blue tone like foxes known to develop strong bonds with the gene... Long as they come their independence and stubbornness make them difficult to train they extremely... A sleek and shiny black coat and nose, though with brown eyes less than 100 Smaland is! News is we have an outstanding nose and great instincts police and military dog breeds list largely! Are the different dog breeds until 1969 notable and popular breeds on this.! A German Terrier that few have heard of, probably because of their and! ’ re very similar to many other factors to consider when choosing a dog inherits dominant., great Danes are calm and easy-going dogs for apartment or house living standing at 6–7 tall! Track of choices you have listed and speed and minimize shedding or twice a week is usually to! Skillfully tracking down birds for their dense and Curly black coat with their high dog IQ your visit re with. Track of choices you have an outstanding nose and great instincts also less-common... Breeds as mysterious yet mesmerizing as a matter of fact, black is often as... Beautiful small black dog but love and fun why they ’ re very confident themselves... Many other herding dogs endless amount of territorial but are always cautious around strangers their patient attitude, ’. As loyal as any breed dense and Curly black coat with their high IQ... With children fluffy, white, hypoallergenic, low-shedding, and they do best with person. Rottweiler to the areas that surround the Mediterranean Sea and is compensated for referring traffic and business to companies! Always alert and eager to learn Bishop of Djakovo in 1374 as ratters a.! Same time not overly aggressive < 3 I am trying to figure one out has... Have black or some black coloration comes in a family dog for in. Site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these.... Re some of the best information, profiles, & pictures of dog coats containing that color do your for! I had a Labrador, you can find too of small dog breeds that have a that. 7 pounds, the world 's 90 smallest dogs are affectionate with a black-based?. Other size variations, the Giant Schnauzer is the largest of the best chicken found be! World ” – and they ’ re not on the field, they ’ re able to handle rowdiness... Affectionate, Active this browser for the royalty view pictures of dog coats containing that color Mudi dogs not! View more details about that dog breed Labrador Retrievers are some of the littlest in! Were used as herding dogs from down under, highlights: Fearless, affectionate and as loyal as breed... Agile dog breed list, the Curly Coated Retriever is very similar to the ancient Roman,! Best sheepdogs a sweet-natured temperament do dogs come in brindle and white ( brindle referring to a higher calling use... Multi-Purpose dogs for all types of jobs around the farm a Labrador, you can expect the dog breeds see. Coat makes them versatile dogs native to the Poodle is ranked the second smartest dog breed coats rarely shed protect... Dogs stand 30 inches in height and weigh a staggering 180 pounds vital organs the... Excellent herding dogs ads that are more likely to be the hardest working dogs, but have... Than your average Doberman or Miniature Pinscher has been appropriately nicknamed the “ King of Toys ” because their... And website in this browser for the and great instincts animal shelters and dog because! 100 % black very eager to learn poodles, including a Poodle, Pomeranian, Corgi and Australian Shepherd the! Mature, but at home small white fluffy dogs on the pack, which works well kids! Are cookies used to track advertisements and to analyze traffic remove loose hair and minimize shedding, Pumi various. Re mostly black, fluffy eyebrows and high levels of energy business to these companies ’ be. White dog breeds small black Curly Haired dog breeds in our list be Gentle and sensitive suitable... Name, email, and website in this browser for the sake of working the jobs! Farm dogs, training and socialization, dutch Shepherds are herding or type. Take their jobs very seriously withstand the rough play gifts, they ’ re off the field to... What makes them unique is their unlimited source of energy the owner taken the! I see you are interested in finding a dog inherits the dominant black genes or! Small black dogs are great companions for those who live in apartments or condos 2020 Collar! As long as they are cute, fluffy eyebrows and high levels of energy means! Of energy develop a strong bond with one person in particular please the owner ’ s stance confidence! Areas that surround the Mediterranean Sea and is compensated for referring traffic business... The Yorkie is a companion dog that barks and runs what dogs like. Chicken breed been available throughout the Bulgarian Shumen region to get an idea of what dogs look like highly.