I love this idea!! Phone orders may experience longer-than-usual hold times. The puzzle board that I do my puzzles on (seen at the end of the post) comes with a flat top that you can hook into place atop the puzzle. I also love that the puzzle still looks exactly the same as it did before, something you don’t usually see when using the glue method. This method can be a bit messy, but it is simpler than applying adhesive glue sheets. Pick a puzzle that you enjoy looking at or wouldn't mind hanging on your wall. They always entranced me and I, too wanted to grow up to be just like Nancy….what wonderful adventures. Catalynn, this likely won’t mean anything to you, but I got a kick out of seeing that tobacco box because years ago I started reading books by a mystery writer who wrote about a character in England who smoked Balkan Sobranies (which I had never heard of.) I admire your ingenuity–coming up with the Amazon box idea. We have found a MarketLive account that matches your email address. Thanks for your suggestion, too! Bottles of puzzle glue will often come with a plastic applicator. Never miss a Between Naps on the Porch post! http://i.imgur.com/Nq2KWyM.png Working on a table-top I carefully slid my completed jig saw puzzle onto the Styrofoam back-panel, placed the glass-frame over it, and applied manual pressure from behind the back-panel to carefully lay frame and puzzle on its face. Loved Nancy Drew , too ! Can you tell me where you found it or where I might get one? I loved reading Nancy Drew also when I was a young lass.. One thing I loved, when you apply the sheets, there is no need to worry about a bubble or anything like that getting trapped under the paper. I’ll head over to Amazon to buy it today. Where our home was on the map , the piece was shaped like a house! . He attacked Mary Ellen Renard in 1987 too! Once you've completed your puzzle, make sure it's as flat as possible. They are less messy than using puzzle glue, though applying them to your finished jigsaw puzzle takes some precision. We recently finished a puzzle and want to frame it, and I wasn’t about to pour glue all over the front of it!!! , I use to do jigsaw puzzles but now I do quilts. I’m sure you would have to trace and then cut out in pieces, otherwise there would be so much waste. . delight in an occasional senior moment? As long as the back of the puzzle is still the type material that the puzzle saver can stick to, I think it would work fine. Puzzle Weekends ~ You show off the new puzzle you made that week. Slowly, turn the puzzle over. http://i.imgur.com/AlrBgJx.png, Hmm .. that’s too hard to see on my computer, I’m afraid. Will definitely be using this system again if I ever decide to save another puzzle for framing. lol) They are such thick, sturdy looking pieces though. And I will re-read that old post. Medium Yarn Weight. I let the puzzle dry for at least 2 hours. U never told how to turn over the puzzle. So interesting! Yes, that works and it will hold a puzzle together for framing, but all the tutorials I found said that it also changed the appearance of the puzzle, sometimes giving it a mat finish. As most people don’t assemble their puzzle upside down, you will have to carefully flip over your finished puzzle. Aug 1, 2016 - When I saw this jigsaw puzzle on the Simple Pastimes website, I knew had to have it. Great minds think alike! I’m going to look today and buy one that would keep us busy. The Puzzle Saver is really sticky. Here’s how the peel and stick pieces looked out of the package. How to preserve a 3D puzzle? . If you use a puzzle glue, select a liquid version for the best results; spray-on glues may not provide even … TV Land Special Puzzle. Carefully slip sheets of wax paper underneath your finished puzzle -- wax paper works better... Sealing Your Work. When I got older I would search for them in old book stores and have quite a few with the solid blue covers..perhaps from the late 30’s era. Lay the assembled puzzle on a sheet of parchment paper. What wonderful memories that brings back. The puzzle will most likely contain 1000 pieces. You will have some waste, but that would probably be the simplest way to do it. I would just handle each piece very carefully and take my time so I didn’t handle them anymore than necessary in putting it together. hide. I am just a tidbit confused (doesn’t take much!) You can use a piece of 1/8- or 1/4-inch plywood or a sheet of foam board. When finished, smooth out any air bubbles before flipping your puzzle back over. I always assembled my puzzles on a puzzle board that came with a hardcover, so that makes the process of turning the puzzle over pretty easy. It is okay for the sheets to overlap, but the sheets should not extend over the edges of the puzzle. Feeling lucky that in Middle School we are only missing two pieces !!! Here are the materials you will need: A puzzle; Poster frame; Puzzle glue ; Poster board or cardboard; Command Strips; First off, get your materials! Ebert presented Laura Dern with a Sundance tribute, Dern in return sent him a heartfelt letter with a special memento. Whatever method you choose, you want to make sure the material is acid-free. Step aboard the wooden rowboat and find refuge in this tranquil pond scene celebrating the soft beauty of nature. The pieces are thin and some of them are even a little damaged at corners. I ultimately decided to place them on the back of the puzzle this way, starting in the left corner and working my way across the puzzle. I am doing a project for a birthday, and would like to preserve a puzzle and frame it. Thank you so much for sharing this…I put a puzzle out on a table at my Middle School Library and invite the kids to take a break during the day or after school to work together. I still have my original set all boxed up in the attic… along with my “Ideal” 19″ Shirley Temple doll and my beloved “Scootles” baby doll which I pushed all over the neighborhood in her buggy… quite the little mama I was… lol. 24 x 18" (61 x 46cm). I wish he’d gotten the Chair but he got 60 years instead! Adhesive glue sheets are plastic sheets with a glue-like adhesive on one side that is revealed when you remove the paper backing. Thanks for all the great puzzle info Susan and others. The metal U-clips, once snapped in from the rear pin the puzzle permanently against the glass pane. I love your Nancy Drew puzzle! They recommend you apply firm pressure to ensure all the puzzle pieces are pressed well down onto the adhesive paper. Apparently it isn’t the original tin box as I thought (guess I wasn’t listening to that part closely enough because I was so engrossed in the rest of the story…. Add 2 coats of Decoupage.....between coats let each dry overnight. oh how interesting… I’ve never heard them but wondered about the graphics and writing on the box.. thanks for sharing that tidbit! The whole thing cost $3.00. I found the puzzle here http://www.cobblehillpuzzles.com/Nancy-Drew-p/51799.htm. After that experience, I swore off buying anymore SunsOut puzzles, but I accidentally bought another one. I hope you’re still reading these comments because I want to say THANK YOU!!! Will order and can’t wait to get started. I am so impressed; every puzzle you completed is a beautiful work of art! Susan, when you first started talking about puzzles I mentioned my interest but reluctance to buy any (I play online) because of all the projects that I want to finish, first. 4.9oz/139g/228 yd/209m ball. Would mod podge work? The entire 1000 piece puzzle was cute in about 3 or 4 shapes total and many of the pieces were identical in shape and size, so they would fit in multiple places. Haha, I’m kidding. How to Preserve a Puzzle for Framing. I love the idea of having a ‘puzzle wall,’ somewhere. Yikes! Place your quarter inch (6.35 millimeter) foam core board on your work table. I shared that I love, love puzzles and do them when I visit my brother and sister in law…the Wysocki puzzles in particular. Spray the foam core … Thanks! I might cover the inside with a plain contact paper, which is also what I’ll probably use for the backing. 70% acrylic/30% wool blend. Do you think this would work on shiny/foil puzzles? In that photo, I had just placed the last two sheets down to see how they would fit there but hadn’t peeled off the protective sheet yet…the one with the instructions which is what you can see in that picture. I was especially careful around all the edges, making sure those were pressed down and well attached. Instead, you want to keep the edges of the adhesive sheets about 1/8 of an inch away from the puzzle edges. In the picture where you used the two sheets to glue the bottom of the puzzle, a different logo is showing on the top side, obviously the instruction side you mentioned. Irene, that possibly could happen if you tried to remove the backing to take it apart one day. Imported from Belgium.. Sign up and Save 10% off your next Purchase. I shall file this if we ever want to save another, it looks a lot simpler. I wanted to to be just like her when I grew up! Before peeling off the backing on the sticky sheets, it’s a good idea to experiment around to see which way you want to apply them. I truly believe in a collective consciousness! I am actually spring cleaning and in that process found that one of my closets had a treasure trove of puzzles. I’ve never framed a puzzle so I did a bit of Googling to see what the process is for framing one. I’ll watch for those brands. I’m on a tight fixed budget so while I can drool over your puzzle board I’ve had to come up with a cheapo version – a flattened Amazon box. When I looked at the finished puzzle I searched for my favorite story.. and found it.. “The Mystery of the Hidden Staircase” .. just seeing that book cover made me smile.. thanx. Backorders are shipping as quickly as product arrives from our suppliers. Step 6. After spending time completing a puzzle, preserve it by gluing the pieces together. "But do it on a surface you don't mind getting a little glue on. I am much older than you and I have a great deal of Nancy Drew books from the late forties and early fifties..those with the blue tweed covers. All Now I’m dying to know what it shows. Then it looked like all the others and was ready to be rolled over with the rolling pin. Great tip! I also grew up with Nancy Drew, books and tv show! Diane, our intrepid leader and number one porch napper has done that too! I’m currently working on one by Buffalo and it’s good quality. Crochet gauge, size H-8 (5mm) hook: 15 sc and 19 rows = 4" (10.2cm). So sticke with newer puzzles. Apr 15, 2018 - When I saw this jigsaw puzzle on the Simple Pastimes website, I knew had to have it. Sort by. Your connection to our website is secure. That gives the adhesive sheets time to do their magic and create a strong bond. How come we never hear of guys named Ned now? If you assembled your puzzle on a table or a similar surface, you’ll probably need to slide your puzzle onto a very hard, flat piece of cardboard, then place another hard piece of cardboard on top in order to flip/turn your puzzle. A lot of the same fun with color and pattern working. The material is a bit heavier so I wasn’t sure if it would still hold together without actual glue. They come in 2×2 dimensions from huge to small. I’ve used newspaper, craft paper, wrapping paper, and even a thin roll of cork. I love the idea of preserving a puzzle but am stumped as to how it stays together. I successfully saved a puzzle on a foamcore board by using window sealing plastic and double stick tape that can be shrunk with a hair dryer. I ordered the size that is supposed to work for a 1,000 piece puzzle since that’s the size of the Nancy Drew puzzle, as well as most of the puzzles I typically buy. Puzzle Presto Peel and Stick Puzzle Saver, In The BNOTP Library: Sharing My Decor Library, http://www.cobblehillpuzzles.com/Nancy-Drew-p/51799.htm, http://wilsonsd.libguides.com/content.php?pid=308488, http://www.puzzlewarehouse.com/The-Natural-Philosopher-67552so.html, http://www.puzzlewarehouse.com/Signature-Collection-Cinque-Terre-1000pc-1418bg.html, https://betweennapsontheporch.net/adjustable-tilt-puzzle-boards-save-necks-and-backs/. I’m currently working on a 1000-piece puzzle titled Hummingbirds, by White Mountain Puzzles. Apr 13, 2019 - Last month, when the kids were off school for Election Day, we worked on a 1,000 piece puzzle of the U.S. Presidents . After you are done.....slide wax paper beneath the puzzle. What a neat story, Catalynn! If you’ve put together a puzzle and you want to preserve it, try gluing it so you can hang it like a picture. And There are so many beautiful ones at Puzzle Warehouse, I’ll be puzzling for a long, long time. Bahrani hasn’t assembled the puzzle (for fear of wear and tear on the pieces) but he displayed it for the film and told the story. I also tried contact paper, cut it into two pieces for our 750 piece puzzle to give an overlap in the middle, and rolled with a rolling pin for 5 minutes. I am so thankful for your posting and will place the finished puzzle next to his Marine uniform photo. Hopefully, the wax paper is not stuck to the bottom. your own Pins on Pinterest When I seal my puzzles, I paint the puzzle very sporadically at first and then I paint over the edges to make sure they are gotten too. Carefully line up the corner of the glue sheet with the corner of the puzzle and press down the exposed section of the glue sheet.